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Updates, Updates, Updates

It’s been quite a week.  Quite a week, indeed.

If you’ve been following you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted in a while.  Have no fear, there’s a wine/writing-related post coming tomorrow.  Last week was absolutely insane, though, and reminded me that this life is nothing if not ever-changing.

On Monday my job called and asked me to stay on another month.  It wasn’t a total surprise.  I knew it was coming as all signs pointed to it… my job hadn’t been posted, no temp had been selected and there was lots going on that someone needs to be here for.  So when the call came I wasn’t exactly surprised.  And, since we hadn’t sold the house I figured I would be here in April anyway.  Why not keep working?  Who in their right mind would say no to two more paychecks and benefits*?  And even if we had sold the house we’d likely be in it until June 1 or even later.  There were a few issues with my staying, but nothing my boss and HR weren’t willing to work with me on: my best friend is coming on Thursday for her spring break.  Luckily it’s spring break in all the schools where I represent people and I have vacation time.  They also understand that I have to take at least one long weekend, if not more, to look at houses.

And then on Tuesday we got an offer.  We weren’t sure how the negotiating would go.  Thursday around 2 pm the negotiations were over.  And we sold our house.  Yup, exactly two weeks and six hours after putting it on the market it was gone.  It was VERY emotional.  Kris and I have both cried and danced and laughed and had moments of crippling terror.  It’s our first home.  We’ve made it ours.  We have had some great memories.  And, more than these nostalgic thoughts – there is something very REAL about signing on the dotted line to give your home to someone else.

That’s where the terror comes in.  The new buyers need to be in on May 15th.  That means, of course, that we need to be OUT on May 15th.  Have I mentioned that we don’t have a place in Vermont yet?  And have I mentioned that we cannot seem to agree on a house?  It’s been comical.  Kris will send me something and be like, “You’ll love this.”  I open it and say, “Let’s make an offer!” to which he’ll write back, “Ugh, it’s awful.”  I’ll run in the door after a late night and say, “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS HOUSE!” and he’ll run to the bathroom and puke.  We have disimilar tastes.  Normally it wouldn’t matter.

But we’re going to be homeless in less than seven weeks if we don’t get our acts together.  And that’s pretty scary.  For some reason there isn’t a single dog friendly rental in southern Vermont (seriously?).  And with Kris going back to the office there are limited communities in which we can live.  We know we’ll buy in Bennington but we can’t even rent farther away because it will kill him to commute even farther and Bennington seems to be the only community even remotely connected to New York without traversing dirt roads.

I had to take today off.  Kris had a meeting last week that he cancelled so that he could be on dog duty during some showings last week, he rescheduled it for today and yesterday we found out the inspection is today.  So he is in the Dearborn office for the day and I’m on dog duty (they are presently doing God knows what to my car while I sit at Panera).  Crunch time is definitely upon us.  I should be looking at listings in Vermont and figuring out when we’re going to make a trip out there.

In another pseudo complication, we got a letter last week that we have to be in court in a few weeks.  I’ll write more about that once it’s over but it puts another wrench in the machinery of getting to VT.

Despite all the things coming together, we’ve remained in good spirits.  Friday we went to Chicago with some dear friends of ours and were able to meet up with other friends while there.  Improv, a movie, great dinners.  It was nice to have quality time with some of our favorite people before we leave the Midwest.  Made a reservation at The Boarding House – a wine-centric restaurant in downtown Chicago.  It was a really nice meal.  And of course we had to infuse the trip with wine – what else would we do?

So, house is sold, job is continuing, dogs hate us but we’ll redeem ourselves when we move – Mugsy loves Vermont.  Speaking of which, I should probably get on realtor dot com and find a place to live.

That’s what’s going on with us – more writing/wine-related posts later this week.

*Before you judge (too late?) I don’t just work for a paycheck and benes but when one isn’t going to have a steady job and has no idea how the hell to get on the exchange, one considers things like this.


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