The 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference

This August I’ll be spending the second weekend in the Finger Lakes, a surprisingly good wine region in New York State.  I’ll attend the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference as a Citizen Blogger – someone who blogs about wine but not as a member of the industry or professionally for a vineyard, distributor, etc.  Those people will also be there, but I represent the group of people who write for smaller blogs.

I’m going on behalf of – the emerging blog I write for.  Based in Athens, Winedom covers all things wine from around the world with a focus on news and culture.  It’s a great site and I highly recommend checking it out of you’re a fan of wine.

It’s strange to think of myself going to a conference in this new capacity.  A Nancy Koziol, wine writer, and not some other iteration of myself.  I’m no stranger to conferences… I’ve been attending and presenting at them since college, but usually connected to writing, education, law or labor.  Not wine.  Bring on the wine conference, please.  I imagine this will be a refreshing change from conferences of the past.

The Wine Bloggers Conference is held annually and changes location each year with this year being the first time it will be held in the Finger Lakes.  I’m thrilled about the location – it’s not a far drive from where we’ll be living in southern Vermont and I’ve been dying to get back to the Finger Lakes (my sister went to Cornell in the 80’s and I haven’t been to Ithaca since I visited a friend there in the mid-90’s).  We’ll head over a day early to enjoy some time checking out vineyards, getting in a few hikes, and who knows what else.  While I’m busy at the conference, Kris will check out the beer scene.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the live blogging sessions – winemakers pour their wines and the participants live blog those sessions.  I’m interested to see the different iterations of people blogging the same thing – to find those who have similar tastes, to find new bloggers to follow.  On that last note, it truly is a great networking opportunity.  An entire conference full of people who do what I do.  Write about wine.  Is it just me or does that sound like a fun group?

So far I haven’t tweeted or written too much about it although I would love to connect with other bloggers who will be attending, including some other newbies to the scene.  It can be tough to get over that whole first time in a place with strangers thing.  At least for me.  Who’s going?  Who’s new?  And who likes warm climate reds?


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