Cork It (or Screw It)?

Great infographic about the cork vs. screw top wine bottle debate.  This was originally posted at Wine Turtle.  I don’t know about you but I don’t really care what type of closure my bottle has although, like many, I can make arguments for either.  Corks are the way it’s seemingly always been done – and I like tradition.  Then again, you hear about cork taint a lot (more than it actually happens).  A cap does seem more foolproof but I know in my own wine-loving life I love corks.  There’s something about the process of opening and tossing the cork in our kitchen drawer of corks and beer caps that is satisfying – the screw tops just don’t look as nice.  That said…

Corks vs Screw Caps



    • I think aversion but the site is produced by a ton of international wine bloggers for whom English is not their first language. 🙂 What’s the dress code for the Wine Bloggers Conference? I will be in full on full-time writer mode by that point and am looking forward to burning my suits (donating them, really) but will hold on to some business casual if needed. Please tell me I can wear my Birks and sundresses. Please!

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