Michigan Theatre’s Wine & Film Series Starts Tomorrow

This past Saturday night I was out with a few friends when one told me about Michigan Theatre’s upcoming partnership with Wine Enthusiast.  The series will run each Wednesday and feature a different wine-related film followed by a tasting at the theatre.  The films are:

You Will Be My Son
A Year In Champagne
Red Obsession

I’m very excited about the three documentaries: Somm, A Year in Champagne and Red Obsession.  For a while I was blogging extensively about Chinese wine culture and the boom of wine in China for Winedom.  Red Obsession was on my list of films to see and I’m very excited to see it on the big screen.  While you could not pay me to see Sideways and You Will Be My Son looks way too depressing (I’m too empathic for really sad stuff), I plan on making it to the docs and writing about them here.  I love the idea of tastings following the films and meeting some others who love wine as much as I do.

Of course there’s still all sorts of house and move related stuff to figure out but tomorrow I have my final work-related meeting and think I’ll probably need some quiet time to reflect after that.  And what better way to reflect than with a documentary and a few glasses of wine?  “No better way!” is the answer you are looking for.

Tomorrow’s film, Somm, is about the Master Sommelier test.  According to the film it’s the most difficult test you’ve never heard of – intriguing!


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