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how I remember it

I mentioned in an earlier post that some girlfriends and I were going to try and commit to do 100words for April. My good friend, Jenny, completed her batch and had me smiling and laughing the entire time I read it. I hope you’ll enjoy it – you can find Jenny at where she write creative nonfiction.


I committed to last month’s challenge, where I wrote 100 words a day for the month, and the site posts your entries upon completion. You can write about anything. I decided to finally start putting down some specific memories from when I was little that I’ve always wanted to write about. Pretty broad topic, huh. I have to start somewhere.  So here are my posts for April 2015. I feel better about having them here on my blog anyway. Maybe you’ll pick up on some themes.  Thank you for reading. (BTW I’m “Jenny” on Crazy right? Still, I can be unfindable.) 


25 years ago, I stared at USA Today in Mrs. C’s language arts class. We “got to” read the newspaper every Friday. For an hour. In 5th grade, I had been kicked into the hallway (twice) for questioning Mrs. M’s use of sarcasm and passive-aggressive nature, so…

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