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So it’s here.  The thing I’ve waited for my whole life.  I’m a writer.  Full time.  A “professional” you could say.  Last week was a little rough, with emotion creeping up on me at random times and making me look like an idiot.  I don’t really care.  It was emotional.  Is emotional.

But now I’m here.  Sitting on the couch at 7:38, a bit off my schedule but for good reason.  But let’s look at yesterday.  For those of you thinking about this crazy journey, or just interested in how someone walks away from six figures and fully paid benefits, let me be clear: proceed with caution.  I am an example of someone who did something.  I am not an example of what to do.

I got up at 6:30 yesterday as planned.  I’d gotten a great night of sleep and was of course energized and excited after taking Friday to just decompress and having a super productive weekend that included exercise, time with the dogs, Water Hill Music Festival, and quality time with Kris.  I made a cup of tea (I’m trying to reduce my caffeine intake which may not work today) and then headed downstairs for my first 100 minutes of Pomodoro writing in which I wrote my 100 words* and then dove into some article writing.  I was behind in all of my freelance writing, which is NOT a good place to be at the start of one’s career but between house drama (will it ever end?) and work drama (over!) I had abandoned my schedule and ended up playing catch up yesterday.  I got quite a bit done in those first 100 minutes and then took the dogs for a nice long walk.  They were thrilled.

After a walk I did another 100 minutes, being just as productive and getting quite a bit written.  But then things sort of broke down.  I was really hungry, we needed groceries, and I was kind of antsy.  I haven’t turned my phone on since I left work Thursday for the last time so my communication with the outside world has been limited.  I don’t mind this, for the most part, but it may be time to reconnect with people so that I don’t start climbing the walls.  I went to the grocery store and spent $44 on a week’s worth of meals (impressive, eh?) and then ate some lunch.  I was so productive that I decided to let myself read for a while.  And that’s where everything broke down.  More than 3 hours later I finally decided to put down my book.  And then it was pretty much time to start dinner.  I did do some writing in the evening but let’s just say the afternoon was a bust.

All in all I’m somewhat satisfied with the amount of writing I got done.  I’m less than satisfied with my afternoon (I knew afternoons would be a problem, I am such a morning/late night person when it comes to creativity).  I didn’t go to the gym or hit my step goal but hopefully the weekend will balance that out.  Had I written in the afternoon I could have had some play time with my novel – that’s the light at the end of the tunnel right now.  Or maybe I’ll switch and work on that in the morning and then in the afternoon I won’t be able to say, “Well, I’m ahead on all my freelancing so let me just tuck in with a good book.”

I’m switching things up a bit today, since this is a testing period.  I’m in the middle of charging my iPod and am going to head to the gym in a little bit.  From there I will do two back to back Pomodoro sessions with about 30 minutes off in between to recharge.

I’ll probably also pick up a cup of coffee.  I got very little sleep last night for no good reason.  The dogs were antsy from the get go… not in their assigned spots in bed (I love my life but I can totally understand the eye rolling I envision on the other side of this screen).  Kris didn’t seem to have a problem ignoring them but it just wasn’t working for me.  I may have also gone to bed a little bit too early.  I see a nap in my future.  Or falling at the gym.  I hope not.

So, day 2 and things are going okay… it’s going to take some tweaking to figure out a schedule that allows for more productivity in the afternoon.  My goal today is 4 100 minute writing sessions.  I got this.  As long as I don’t read.  Or let myself take a nap.

*Speaking of which, I failed my April 100 Words Challenge miserably.


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