It’s Here! My First Impression Of The Oak Bottle

What’s here? My Oak Bottle! You may remember when I ordered this a while ago. I actually almost forgot until quite a while after ordering (they’re new, remember) I received an email saying my order was being processed. Another arrived the other day letting me know it had been shipped. And so I did a happy dance. 

Yesterday it arrived. I had all kinds of stuff going on so I didn’t open it. But I did think about opening it all day. And all night. After finishing a bunch of articles today I rewarded myself by taking some time to enjoy the unwrapping. 

  Here’s the box. 

  Stamped on the back. 

  Once open I took a minute to enjoy the gorgeous packaging. I’d appreciate it if you ignored my much-in-need-of-a-pedicure feet.   The Oak Bottle comes in a packing tube in a box. The tube is gorgeous. It has the logo on one side.   There are also directions on another side.   A small container of wax was nestled between the top of the bottle and pop top.   The top also has the logo.   The Oak Bottle.  Delicious!

I’ll probably stop by the wine shop tomorrow and pick up two bottles for the first run, which I will blog. I’ll probably do a red and I’m open for suggestions. 

Has anyone tried this yet?

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