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In about two weeks I’ll be heading to Corning, NY, in the gorgeous Finger Lakes region of New York State, for the 8th annual Wine Bloggers Conference.  I’ll be representing Winedom at the conference – a fantastic wine news and culture blog for whom I write.  If you’re not already subscribed to Winedom’s feed – take a chance to do that now!  Also, please follow Winedom’s twitter account, @winedomcom.

This is Winedom’s first time at the conference and my first time, too.  So, not only will I be writing about the conference and what it has to offer – but also what it’s like to be a first timer and rookie wine blogger at a conference.  New freelancers may find this particularly interesting and I’ll be writing on this blog about networking and the do’s and don’t’s of conference attending.

Each day I will be updating @winedomcom with pictures and quick blurbs and I’ll also be live blogging over on the site after/during each session (it’s a blogging conference so we will be expected to blog during sessions) and doing a wrap up post.  After the conference closes there will be a long form post highlighting a general theme or one large issue or topic I’ve explored at the conference.  I hope you’ll follow me while I’m there.

In addition to the conference hashtag, #WBC15, I’ll be using #WinedomAtWBC15 so that you can get a feed just of my stuff if you want to see what I’m up to.

The sessions sound amazing and I’m looking forward to connecting with other wine bloggers to share tips, tricks, war stories and to swap some local wines.  Hopefully I will be able to get to Long Island and pick up my case of Brooklyn Oenology wine – that’s a wine story for another day.  Actually, that would have been a great entry into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge when the theme was “crisis”, but it hadn’t happened yet.

As of right now I’ll definitely be attending the following sessions:

The Business of Wine
Women in the Wine World
Wines Across the Andes
So, to sum up: I’ll be tweeting pics and updates throughout on @winedomcom, uploading posts at after each session and a recap each night and doing a final long form post once the conference is over.  On this site I’ll post about the experience as a freelancer and relative newcomer to the scene.

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