Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival

Next weekend Kris and I are heading a little east and then a little north to attend The Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival.  This is year 8 and it sounds fantastic.  I know NOTHING about Vermont wine so I’m very interested in taking a gander and learning about the area wine.  For the most part when I see VT wine at our local shop* it’s fruit wine and for some reason I never broach into that in my wine self-education and wine writing.  I don’t know why.  I probably should.  Especially because you can make wine out of pineapple.  And I love pineapple.

This year’s festival is being held at Mt. Snow.  It runs Friday evening through Sunday and includes a pre-festival evening village stroll on Friday, two full days of tastings, education, vendors, food, prix fixe specially paired dinners with the winemakers (drool!), and a Vermont soup competition.  As much as I would LOVE to attend the dinner, the prices are outrageous and I’m having more trouble talking myself into it than I would normally expect.  More about that on another day when I’m back to blogging about life as a freelancer.  (All good, no worries!)  I’ll update once I make a decision.  As of right now we’ll definitely attend on Saturday and possibly Sunday to take a class or two but that will likely be me on my own… Kris has to go to church on Sunday.  The church of football.

I’ll have my trusty Nikon with me so you can expect gorgeous pictures here, my tasting notes, interesting stuff if I chat with any winemakers, and all kinds of general goodness.  Tune in next Sunday.  And, if you’re interested in trying VT wine I am always up to swap bottle for bottle for one of your local wines.  Just know that my knowledge of VT wine is so incredibly limited that I’m probably going to say “Oooooh, pretty label!” and send it to you.  Email me or contact me via the homepage of this website if you’re into the idea of a swap!


*I’m pretty sure it’s called The Beverage Den but for YEARS it was “The Smokers’ Den” and I still call it Smokers’ Den despite their very obvious attempt to bring attention away from the whole smoking thing.  It’s awesome.  And if you’re every driving up or down Rte 7 (which I HIGHLY recommend) be sure to stop!

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