Week In A Glass

It’s Wednesday and like I promised, here’s what I’ve had to drink over the past week.  Just like The Drunken Cyclist drinks mostly with his wife and sometimes friends, I drink mostly with my husband and sometimes my friends so I’ll include their thoughts when necessary.  This week I just drank with Kris, and he didn’t have much to say.

Banfi Centine Toscana 2011 – I met some of the guys from Banfi during WBC15 and let’s just say, it’s a small freaking world.  Turns out they are located literally around the corner from where I grew up (and I think I know exactly the spot and always wondered what the heck it was) and that one of them and I know people in common despite being from different states.  While I didn’t taste any of their wines while at WBC I’ve since run into this one both at the grocery store and at our local Italian restaurant.  This is my new favorite to pair with savory meals and so far I’ve enjoyed it with pork loin, greens and risotto and also popped open a bottle when I made penne with a butternut squash béchamel last week.  The medium body, black fruit and spice flavors are the perfect accompaniment to Italian.  That doesn’t stop me, of course, from also enjoying it with other things.  Or on its own.

Chop Shop Cabernet 2012 – So this came in my first Club W box.  Oh, my.  So good.  It’s very round.  And it’s got lots of red fruit.  The club suggested making nachos but we couldn’t enjoy it until a weeknight and it’s rare I make something like nachos for a weeknight (they don’t exactly keep and our weeknight dinners are often things that make for good lunches and leftovers the rest of the week… we are very frugal in our new life).  I put together a delicious tortilla soup in the crock pot and this wine complemented it perfectly.  The soup was very light and very fresh and simply topped with some super fresh avocado and a bit of Monterrey Jack and could have been overpowered by many  cabs but not this one.

I have a truffle recipe to enjoy with another red and plan on putting those together tomorrow so next week be on the lookout for a red and chocolate pairing.  After watching this video a few months ago I’ve been terrified to mix red wine and chocolate but hey, I’ll trust Club W – so far they’ve been right.


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