Week In A Glass (Week 2)

It’s Wednesday, so let’s talk about wine.  We didn’t go out to dinner Friday night… we go out to dinner every Friday night, but this week we were both pretty exhausted and decided to finish off the bottle of Chop Shop I talked about last week with some light fare.  Stuffed grape leaves, olives, hot peppers, goat cheese, hummus… it was delicious and the wine was great with it, too.  Saturday, our dear friend S’s boyfriend, J, asked if he could cook for us, and it was pretty amazing.  We brought dessert…

I don’t bake.  I have never baked, you couldn’t pay me to bake and, more importantly: you wouldn’t pay me to bake.  I screw up slice and bake.  But my first shipment of Club W had a recipe for vegan, raw chocolate truffles to make when enjoying one of the bottles.  That bottle was…

2014 Alchemist Noir Red Blend – Nice and big with lots of red fruit and firewood (the two things I got out… the description was apparently written by someone who picked up on way more) but also really round.  Sometimes smoky, like firewood, strikes me as dry but this one was really nicely round on its own.  But then add the truffles and it rounded out even more.

A word on the truffles – don’t be alarmed by the name.  They are vegan.  And they are raw.  But they are freaking AMAZING.  The main ingredient is dates which help with the texture and replace white sugar.  Dates, a little chocolate, coconut oil, cocoa, salt, cinnamon, cayenne.  Pop ’em in the blender and wait a bit and then roll them up.  Incredibly rich and decadent.

Other than that, no wine.  But we’ll be in Chicago this weekend so I imagine there will be lots of wine.  Lots and lots of wine.

On the other end of wine this past week, I wrote Winedom’s monthly long form blog about v. vinifera and hybrid grapes and the wines they make.  And worked on some content for Wine Turtle – we’re putting together a series on shopping for wine coolers.  I also had three pieces published on the site of a new client.  This is a wine site that is just starting out.  The goal is to create a thorough listing of wine clubs so that people can research and sign up from one place.  If you want to check out my stuff over there just remember that the site is a newborn.  Here’s my author page.

Here’s to drinking a little more this week and writing a little more next Wednesday.

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