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Milestones Don’t Always Look Like You’d Expect

It’s Monday and a new week.  And I’m still in my pajamas because I have been writing all day.  Literally, all day.  Since Kris left for work and I got out of bed because the dog starts the second he pulls out of the driveway.  Thanks, Mugsy.  I’m about to shower and run some errands but I’ve been thinking about milestones all day.  And the fact that some of them don’t look like I thought they would.

While I have a tendency to measure my success by the almighty dollar (even though I am NOT a capitalist in the least) and I did break my record for amount earned in October, there are plenty of other ways to measure success.  Like the fact that my hair is healthy for the first time in years.  Like legitimately healthy… without a million products making it appear healthy.  And my skin is more clear than it’s been in ages.  And I sleep at nice.  And I don’t wake up having panic attacks and stomach aches about work.  Yes, my general health and well-being are markedly improved.  Although today I got incredibly annoyed by a change in plans… so some things clearly never change.

Here’s the biggest milestone I hit in the last week.  I had to purchase a tripod.

What?  Yeah.  I had to purchase a tripod.  But you’re a writer!  I am, indeed a writer.  But I picked up a new client a while ago and I review wine clubs for him.  And my pictures have been coming out horrifically.  After a ton of research I had to give in and admit that my hunch was right: with low light and long exposures it doesn’t matter how still I think I’m standing – the camera pics up every.  single.  movement.  And so I purchased a tabletop tripod and started reading up on angles, light sources and placement, composition.

And this is huge.  A huge milestone.

Now I can hear some of the gripers… I love you, gripers… and they are saying, “Good grief, now she thinks she’s a photographer?!”  Nope.  She doesn’t think that at all.  But what she does think (she is me… and no, I’m not turning into a political candidate) is that she has developed enough of a base knowledge and skill with her camera that it is an additional selling point.  So instead of just having links to articles on my LinkedIn page I can also be sure to link to my own photographs.  This is similar to my recent crash course in creating blog graphics that resulted in a client calling to tell me that he LOVED what I was doing in Canva.  As you grow and learn, even if you focus your niche to the finest point, you can never stop growing and diversifying your skills.  And in a career like blogging, the more you bring to the table the more likely you are to attract and retain clients that help you do things like break your income record.

Before I go, a funny milestone.  The way I knew I was doing something write designing blog graphics?  I made one using a picture of one of my dogs and later saw it on a client’s blog.  I did it just to see if they’d say, “Wow, you suck at that,” or “Hey, could you maybe do that again with a stock photo?” but instead it just got published along with my writing.  And the next time I submitted something and didn’t include a graphic I got an immediate, “Can you put together another graphic?”

What are your milestones that looked differently.  Any look like a tabletop tripod?


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