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Fiction Friday – December 4

Happy Friday, all.  Time for an update.

NaNoWriMo is over and I did not win.  And that’s okay.  I’ve been busy working and have hit some pretty major milestones in my freelancing life so there’s that.  Also, I learned a LOT about my personal journey with fiction writing.  And that’s a win.

First things first, I realized that NaNo is not the time for me to do a second draft.  Even if that second draft is really similar to the first draft.  Talk about being BORED.  I was not excited about my novel.  Not one bit.  Because I feel like I know it well.  And while I can work on it on my own when the mood hits, you need a certain spark for NaNo.  And I wasn’t feeling creative because it felt more like triage than writing a novel.

I also realized that while morning has always been my time for fiction writing it just doesn’t work with my current situation.  When I was with MEA I could easily write in the morning and still have a super productive day in my “real” job.  Because my real job, now, is writing, I find myself in a routine that includes writing in the morning.  I’m always at my freshest at the morning and a morning person.  So it just makes sense.

So going forward I’ve got time to devote to projects that are less stressful than NaNo, fiction-related, and on my own schedule.  I’ve been doing some writing over at Storium (collaborative storytelling/gaming through fiction) and also have a project on Tavern Keeper with some writers so I’ve been getting some fiction done.  Each project is very different and keeps me on my toes.  Also keeps my fiction writing muscle going without the stress of a novel looming.  And writing like this, over a course of different projects, keeps me more creative.

That’s not to say I don’t want to write a novel.  Not at all.  But I realize that I need a daily fiction routine in order to do it.  I’ll be devoting some time at night for that, thank you, football season.  And continue to work on my Storium/Tavern Keeper writing.

I’ll try to update each Friday with info on my fiction writing.  For today, I can tell you about the three different projects that are getting my brain working.

  1. A fast-paced one week setting story about a grad school student who’s transferred to a new doctoral program.  It’s called “Words Cannot Espresso”.  My character is one that I keep recycling although this time she’s a new version of herself.  Hyper.  Really hyper.
  2. A more gaming based fiction writing piece that is the second season of Survivor on the site.  Yup.  Each character is competing for the million dollar prize.  My tribe is currently losing but we’ve got some strong folks.  It’s a VERY quick game.  During challenges there is a great deal of back and forth and because it’s a global game it keeps things interesting because if you’re asleep you can miss a great deal.  There has been one elimination from my tribe.  My character is strong so I hope he’ll keep going for a while.
  3. A totally not my thing story where people realize they have some sort of paranormal powers and work together to fight malevolent forces.  Not my thing at all but tightly run and writing intensive at times.  Lots of collaboration and good people.

While these aren’t things that can ever be published they are three very varied ways to work the muscle.  So there’s that :)  They’re also fun.  And fun is good.

I have been drinking quite a bit of wine and started a post on that so I’ll post it Wednesday.  There is SO MUCH WINE IN THE HOUSE.  I need to photograph a bunch of it so we can start drinking it, haha.

Alright… I’ll be back this weekend with mail news (I have gotten some awesome mail lately) and who knows what else.

How’d your NaNo go?


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