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Totally Unrelated Tuesday

I mentioned yesterday morning that I’d have a post up today.  The reason for this post was that I wanted to share that Kris and I would be participating in another season of Team In Training.  TNT is the world’s largest charity racing organization.  Athletes (and non-athletes) agree to train for a major endurance event.  TNT provides expert training, transportation to and lodging at the event, and the registration fee and in return athletes raise a LOT of money.

TNT is awesome for the huge amount of each dollar donated (nearly 80%) that goes directly to research and patient support.  TNT is also awesome because of the inspiration it provides to patients, families, friends and the greater community.

So far I have trained and participated in a 100 mile bike ride and international half marathon.  Kris joined me for the half.  On December 3rd we signed up for our next event.  On May 14th we will hike the Grand Canyon!

There is a little less excitement right now about this (had I written this post yesterday morning it would have a very different tone).  Kris and I do our events for my friend and former colleague, Dave.  Just yesterday I contacted him to let him know that Kris and I were doing the hike on his behalf.  A few hours later, Dave passed away.  We will still do our event and dedicate our training to Dave — our training has new meaning now.

Part of TNT is keeping a blog so I wanted to share that in addition to writing here, I’ll also be updating my TNT blog with information about my fundraising (I’m at 3%!), training updates, pictures, and other stuff.  You can learn more about TNT and blood cancer there and also, if you’re so inclined, make a tax deductible donation.


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