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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

When I started this page the idea was that I was going to take a year off from my career to focus on writing a novel.  During that time I was going to freelance write about wine.

I quit my job.  I wrote about wine.

It hasn’t been a year.  I haven’t written my novel.

In the last several months I have learned, grown, and changed.  All in good ways.  And I’ve been presented with great opportunities.  And man, have I seized them.  The most recent?  I took a job.  And it’s not just writing – although that is a significant part of it.  That said, I have realized that despite all the awesomeness I’ve experienced since May 1 when this strange journey began, I haven’t done much writing for myself.  In my head I come up with things.  While on the treadmill or the trail there are all sorts of witticisms in my head.  But I always feel strangely setting down to write some of them.  Because they’re not related to what this blog really became: a chronicle of the life of a new freelancer.

And so I’ve done a little redesign.  It’s a work in progress but I wanted to update anyway.  Basically I’ll be moving back to writing about whatever I feel like in order to get my creative energies flowing.  I won’t be writing about work… I don’t think it’s appropriate to do so in a traditional employment situation.  But I will be writing about wine, and life, and adventure, and Vermont, and food, and games, and podcasts, and books, and film and whatever.  There will, of course, be a healthy dose of humor.  And tales of my dogs.

For those who’ve been on this trip, please do not exit the moving vehicle.  For those just finding me now, buckle up.  WunderWine isn’t a place for high falootin’ wine knowledge but more a place for impressions, stories, and the random ramblings of yours truly.  I’ll continue to freelance wine write over at Winedom, Wine Turtle, and Best Wine Clubs – please be sure to continue following those sites.  And check in here for creative non fiction and whatever else is on my mind.  There will be pictures.  And who the hell knows what else.

Back soon, stay tuned,



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