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100 Things About Me

Everyone else is doing it, so with no ado, here are one hundred things about me!

  1. I think belly buttons are really weird.  I don’t like to see them, and I hate having mine touched.  In the late 90’s or early 2000’s when that jeans commercial came out with the singing belly buttons?
    yeah, that was not good.
  2. I also don’t like non human beings with human hands.  These Weimeramers are just creepy.
  3. I have always loved radio dramas.
  4. There is a lot of really random trivia in my head.  I’d be awesome on Jeopardy if I took the test.  I took it in college and meant to leave a space blank but then accidentally filled it in with the next question’s answer.  Needless to say, my results were abysmal despite only getting 3 answers wrong.
  5. I absolutely love Indian food.  I could eat it every day.  I would settle for every week.  They are putting a new restaurant downtown and I told my husband that if it’s Indian I’m quitting my job and working there.
  6. I’m an avid geocacher.  I love the hobby and am especially enamored with the way people think it sounds so bizarre but once they give it a try inevitably fall in love.
  7. I can crack a lot of places on my body but am grossed out when anyone cracks their neck.  I used to crack my neck constantly, no clue why I stopped.
  8. I crack my ankles before going to sleep and it’s the first thing I do when I wake up.  More than one friend has said, “I know you’re awake when I hear your ankles.” and it was a very unpopular feature at sleepover parties.  I don’t even think about it.  I also love cracking my lower back.
  9. I read obsessively and prefer audiobooks to other media.
  10. I am a late adopter… the good thing about this is I usually avoid mediocrity since I’ll wait to watch a show, see a movie, listen to a podcast, buy that new tech.
  11. Despite #10 I’m highly adventurous when it comes to things like hiking (I’ll pull by the side of the road when I discover a trailhead and have on the right shoes.  I usually have on the right shoes.
  12. I love to cook.  When people send me a recipe I like to make it pretty quickly and then tell them all about making it.
  13. I’m a terrible baker but I’m learning and giving myself more opportunities to try.  Recent success?  Raw, vegan, dark chocolate truffles.  I like taking box mixes and using hacks to make them taste better rather than attempt anything from scratch.  It’s not pretty.  My go to line when asked if I bake is, “Nope.  I screw up slice and bake.”
  14. I love maps of all sorts and my favorite are subway maps.  New York City is my favorite subway map and system and I love when people redo it in their own styles.
  15. I’ve got the beginnings of a very impressive washi tape collection started and love picking out unique rolls that remind me of friends and family.  I also love using it instead of regular tape – just adds a nice touch.  This holiday season I’m probably going to wrap gifts in brown paper with washi.
  16. I love fresh pineapple.
  17. Pistachio ice cream is the only kind that needs to exist.  If I was told I could only have one flavor of ice cream for the rest of my life it would be pistachio ice cream.
  18. I love music.  I love that I’m married to a man who also loves and appreciates.  One of my favorite things is going to live shows with Kris or staying in and listening to a new band or an old favorite.  Especially listening to an album all the way from start to finish.
  19. I am squeamish as all heck and can’t watch gory movies anymore. A long time back a boyfriend of mine cut himself to the bone while we were geocaching (don’t ask me why his very sharp knife was involved).  He wouldn’t face me and kept saying, “We have to get to an emergency room.”  I didn’t understand and when I don’t understand I ask a million questions.  He said, “I really can’t have you pass out right now.”  The ER doc said the same thing and kicked me out.
  20. I’m super empathic and have trouble watching certain movies/tv shows because they are so upsetting.
  21. If I could compete on any reality show it would be The Amazing Race.  I’d train ahead of time: endurance, strength, balance.  I’ve watched enough seasons to know this combination is the trifecta.  I’d also have to get over my fears of heights and water.
  22. I love converse sneakers.  The low top ones, in solid colors.
  23. Purple and orange are my favorite colors but I love any good combination of color.
  24. The finer the tip on a pen the better – from sharpies to ball points.
  25. I love mechanical pencils.  And I like all my pencil leads to be a little dull.
  26. I love writing real letters and have a serious penpal.  I also like to do random mail swaps – themed or unthemed – during NaNoWriMo.
  27. I can be suckered into donating to pretty much anything.  Actually, I don’t even need to be suckered.
  28. I’m always down for a road trip.
  29. I have never camped but hope to eventually. (I started this post as a draft a while ago but now that I’m finishing it I can proudly announce that I have finally camped.  And in the literal wilderness no less!
  30. I LOVE collaborative tabletop games.  I also like regular board and card games but the collaborative ones are my favorite.  When it comes to video games I like puzzlers,  like The Room.  And indie games like  A Dark Room and The Ensign.
  31. I have a really good imagination.  It can be a bad thing but usually it’s good.
  32. I love when animals are so tired that they sleep on their backs.
  33. I love good smells… dirt, leather, gasoline, but also ginger peach, sage, lavender.  My favorite is that wet road smell that comes with rain.  Yankee Candle Stormwatch is my all time favorite packaged scent but in my car I like clean smells that have the word cotton or laundry in them.
  34. I love hoppy beer.
  35. I’m obsessed with orange wine (any varietal)
  36. I enjoy writing collaboratively but do most of my writing on my own.
  37. There are so many movies from the 80’s I’ve seen so many times I can recite them right along with the movie.  In spite of this, I feel like there are a LOT of movies everyone has seen that I haven’t.
  38. I really like swimming with my dogs in the summertime.  We have lots of good local swimming spots that are dog friendly.
  39. I am currently 39 years old.  In 6 months I’ll be 40.  I am not one to care about birthdays (much to the annoyance of my birthday-obsessed friends) but I would love to do something like this for my birthday.
  40. I am human to three senior animals.  A 16 year and 7 month year old male cat who is the friendliest, most vocal cat ever.  And he’s not a Siamese.  A thirteen year and 7 month old female dog who is literally the greatest thing to ever have happened in my life.  She is still active and mischevious.  Having a super smart dog can be a handful but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  A male dog of uncertain age.  We adopted him on Christmas Eve from the shelter when we lived in Ann Arbor.  He is either HYPER or curled up in bed.  They all have tough guy names… Spike, Mugsy, and Knuckles.
  41. My husband and I have no children but have hosted four children in our home.  First was Naomi, a foreign exchange student (high school) from The Netherlands.  Then Tom, same deal.  Then another one who shall not be named and was the end of hosting for us.  Both Tom and Naomi have been back to visit — Tom bringing his whole family and Naomi bringing her twin.  Awesomeness.  Both are in college now.  We also hosted a Fresh Air child this past summer.  Ryan is freaking AWESOME and we kept him alive (having an 8-year-old was a terrifying prospect).  We are excited to see him again next summer, and the summer after that, and the summer after that… we will host him through the time he turns 18.  Crazy!
  42. Since college I have lived in Brooklyn; Bennington, VT; Detroit; Ann Arbor; and am now back in Bennington where I intend to stay.
  43. I have a REALLY annoying voice and way of speaking.  One might assume this is because I grew up on Long Island but alas, I don’t have a Long Island accent.  Both of my siblings and both of my parents do.  Speaking of which…
  44. I am the youngest of three children.  My older brother and sister are both nine years older than I.  They are not twins.  And… none of us share a single biological parent.  Yeah…
  45. I once dumped my sister’s small bottles of perfume (some sort of set that was popular in the 80’s) all over our fairy tale sheets.  I was “watering the trees”.
  46. The fact that I survived the 80’s is pretty incredible.  What the hell were my parents thinking?  From the time I was in first or second grade I was a latchkey, and in charge of my older brother until my sister got home.  My brother is cognitively impaired.
  47. Speaking of #46.  I’m the youngest but I have a nasty case of middle child syndrome.
  48. As a child I got along better with adults than I did kids.  Elementary and middle school were rough for me.  So was the start of high school.  I found my stride in 11th grade I think.
  49. My parents have had random experiences involving Billy Joel.
  50. I have very little patience for incompetence.  I have to keep it in check otherwise I can be really mean.  It’s something I watch.  Blame my Meyers-Briggs.
  51. I pee a LOT.
  52. My brother once nearly killed me.  I can’t really blame him.  I kept singing that song from the PSA with the pills.  I think I only sang the last part… starting with “We’re not candy (believe us!).”  I would lean my head out of my brother’s window and sing it to the street below.  John-John shut the window on my neck and it got stuck and he was stressed so he kept pushing it down farther.  In all honesty, I deserved it.  And I stopped singing it.
  53. I have a TON of pet peeves.  Luckily I recognize this and keep it to myself.  There are some that I just have to let people know… like singing during a meal?  Just don’t do it.
  54. I wrote a song about MLK, Jr. for a contest in elementary school and it won.  My teachers were shocked.  I was a TERRIBLE student in elementary school.  And I was the weird kid.  Oh well, look at me now!
  55. I want to be the kind of woman that gets regular manicures and pedicures but when I have been her I get antsy and think about the fact that I could be doing something else way more exciting.
  56. I once sat next to my favorite author in the Friendly’s in Bennington, VT.  I regret not having the balls to talk to him.
  57. I am the love child of Al Roker and Charlie Brown.
  58. I love taking pictures and need to pull my DLSR out more often than I do.
  59. Fall is my favorite season but each has its perks.
  60. I love that I live in a place where I can go around in bare feet with my bathing suit under my clothes and no one looks twice.
  61. I love living in the country. I can only live in the city or the country — suburbs kill my soul.
  62. I am a New Yorker by birth and a Vermonter by choice.
  63. I’m allergic to ALL seafood.
  64. My true crime obsession has gotten out of hand.
  65. I walk about 4 miles a day most weeks.  This week has not been most weeks.
  66. I love nostalgia.
  67. Lush is my favorite store.  My showers smell so freaking good.
  68. I want to talk to you about Korean skincare the way other people want to talk to you about Jesus.
  69. Jeans and Brooklyn-themed tee shirts are my favorite casual wear.
  70. Dresses and interesting shoes are my favorite non-casual wear.
  71. I was a picky eater until some point in my twenties.  I’m glad I’m not anymore — food is fascinating.  As a cultural touchstone, as a bonding experience, as comfort (it’s okay to eat your feelings sometimes!), as an adventure. Many of my fondest memories with those I love involve a meal, snack, drink or combination.
  72. I love when Kris goes away for a night or two and I am home alone.  I love to stay up too late, indulge in a bad movie or binge on SVU and spend way too much time locked up writing.  I also like that we have time away from each other — it’s important to both of us that we maintain a life that includes time apart.
  73. I used to be terrified of travel — just the idea of being AWAY bothered me.  I’m glad that this, like my picky eating tendencies, have vanished.  Train travel is my favorite but I love road trips, or just going one place and staying there.  I’m not a fan of resorts, though.  I like to be a part of things when I travel so renting an apartment or house is usually my modus operandi.
  74. While I would never want to be famous there are some things on my bucket list that involve a brush with fame.  I’d like to go to an awards show, a Broadway premiere, and write a book that becomes a movie (and go to that premiere).
  75. The food scene in Ann Arbor is my favorite of all the places I’ve traveled and lived.  That’s saying a lot.
  76. I’m been to 29 of the 50 states, all on the mainland.
  77. One summer my dog got hit by a car and as soon as she got better sniffed out a wasps nest.  A few days later I stepped on a ground nest of yellow jackets.  This reminds me of when I was 15 and 16.  I missed months of school thanks to a wicked bad case of mono.  I was cleared to go back to school for finals.  As soon as I was feeling better I went to play some casual tennis with my mom.  Apparently still weak I fell and broke my ankle.  I spent the rest of the summer on crutches.  Apparently Mugsy and I like to go big or go home.
  78. I’ve had two male cats in my life.  One was kind of crazy and hated everyone but me.  The other is the nicest cat in the world.  Both, at one point in their lives, sat on a coffee table, put their tail over a candle, had their tail catch on fire, and didn’t notice. This is pretty much the only thing they have in common other than both being male and having lived in both Brooklyn and Bennington.
  79. I don’t like conflict over relationships ending and I believe that most have a natural end.  I think everyone has the right to end a relationship and to do so without blowback.  I mean, do you really want to be begging someone to stay when they don’t want to be around you anymore?  Be happy it happened, be happy for what you learned, and be gracious about letting go.
  80. I always send a thank you note. Not a text.  Not an email.  I send an actual thank you note in the mail.  My husband thinks this is the weirdest thing ever.
  81. When I am invited to someone’s home for the first time I show up with a gift.  After this visit I only do it if I’m staying overnight.
  82. If someone sends me home with food in a reuseable container I wash and return it promptly.  I try to return it as quickly as possible with a thank you note and recipe inside.
  83. I’m kind of hung up on manners.  I cannot stand people who don’t have a grasp of basic manners.
  84. I hate the trend of thinking it’s okay to dick people over.  I think it’s acceptable to cancel plans but there should be 24 hours notice (unless it’s impossible… like you puke on your way out the door).  Less than 24 hours notice is verging on the incredibly rude.  Not showing with no notice is a clear sign that someone is not invested in the relationship.  Walk away.
  85. My geographic memory is pretty insane.  I can remember how to get someplace after only going one time.  And I usually know 8 million ways to get from Point A to B if it’s a regular trek for me.
  86. There is a passage in Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude that brutally, but perfectly, sums up childhood and memory.  It is probably the best thing I’ve ever read.
  87. I used to go to the movies once a week.  I don’t do this anymore and I really miss it.  I wouldn’t want to go every week but I’d like to go more than I do (which is pretty much never).
  88. I love film festivals.  For my 40th Birthday celebration I plan on going to Tribeca.
  89. I currently have the first job I’ve loved everything about.  Took me a while.
  90. I’m not into fashion much (see #s 69 &70) but I have a good eye for cool pieces.  Especially shoes, bags, and necklaces.
  91. Bobby pins with fabric buttons are my go to hair accessory.  That said, I’ve been known to use cool paperclips as bobby pins.
  92. Badtz Maru is my spirit animal.
  93. For the longest time I wanted a tattoo of Chilly Willy holding a plate of pancakes.  I’m really glad I grew out of this.
  94. I have three tattoos at the time of writing this.  A stained glass window of daffodils on the top middle of my back, a solidarity fist on my inner right arm and the opening line to my favorite My Morning Jacket song under the fist (they are two separate tattoos).  I have my next one planned and will likely get it in the next few months.
  95. Speaking of My Morning Jacket… I am a HUGE MMJ fan.  Kris and I have seen them lots of times and have brought friends into the fold.  We went with two friends to Red Rocks this past Memorial Day Weekend for two nights of shows.  That was Kris’ 40th bday celebration.
  96. Pineapple is the tastiest fruit.  When I was in high school I went through a phase where I ate so much pineapple that the corners of my mouth were cracked and dry from all the acid.
  97. I am one of those bleeding heart liberals.
  98. I have been known to rescue wounded animals and nurse them back to health.  The last one was a mouse.  Once I picked up two pit bulls who were running down the Southfield Expressway and got them back to their owners.
  99. Every few years, without warning, I stop eating meat because I hate the idea of animals being killed.  Inevitably, I go back.  Animals taste really good.
  100. I only listen to The Cranberries in the fall.  I only listen to Matthew Sweet in the summer.

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