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Let’s Just Say I’ve Been Drinking

Not right now.  Not while I’m writing this.  But in the two weeks since I last updated about the wine I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking.*

Last week was one of the worst weeks of my life, and I’m not breaking out the histrionics, so I am giving myself a pass to simply not write about anything having to do with it and will update this coming Sunday with the wines we’ve been drinking.  And then maybe I’ll continue to update every Sunday.  Or maybe not.  I’d like to.

What’s Up With My Writing?

I’m glad you asked, uh… me!


Lots!  I’ve secured my NaNoWriMo project for 2016 and am ready to start outlining that.  Still Life with Bees will be a break from the more serious ton of my NaNo projects.  Not that it will be complete comedy but I plan on including a great deal of light-hearted RomCommy goodness because that’s what the project is asking for. Ask, and ye shall receive, NaNo Project.

NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge

I have about 4 weeks to go before I get the results from NYCMidnight.  We submitted Round 2 of the Flash Fiction Challenge a few Sundays ago so after this round there will be eliminations.  I’m currently in fourth place and the top five move on so if I do pretty well in the current round I’ll be set.  Honestly, though, even if I don’t make it past eliminations I’ll be happy with how I did.  No, really!  It was exciting to rank at all, never mind as high as I did.  And this is a process.  That said: I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope I make it to the third round.

Yeah Write Super Challenge #2 (Fiction)

Yup, I signed up for another writing challenge.  I find that these are the best possible thing for my writing.  Because, just like good writing has, they offer STAKES.  I have to pay an entry fee.  I have a deadline.  And someone’s going to rate my work.  Those three things are enough to get me going.

This challenge is very similar to NYCMidnight except instead of genre/location/object we were given an emotion and action for round one (which was also 1,000 words of Flash Fiction).  I can’t release any details of the story yet but here are the four prompts (from what I can tell there were about 20 participants):

Group 1: yearning / wear outrageous shoes
Group 2: envy / attend a funeral
Group 3: disapproval / swim in a pool
Group 4: trust / abandon a city

The plot for my story came pretty quickly upon reading my assignment.  There were three images, two of which were connected, in addition to the plot and I was able to put them together pretty well.

I’m new to the YeahWrite community and was only able to swap with one person.  I couldn’t see her comments on my piece but did a bunch of passes at editing it on my own so that was good.  I love it.  There was one thing I wish I could’ve gotten in but it was just impossible with the word count limitation and it wasn’t necessary… just a cool connection between the text and itself.  I’ll save it for another piece.

The next round is in 2 weeks and we’re promised feedback from the judges first.  I’ll keep you posted.

And That Move?

We moved!  Tomorrow will be two weeks since we closed on our new place (Wednesday will be two weeks since we started living here) and it’s been going really well.  We’ve met the neighbors in two of the other units.  The fourth resident lives in Manhattan (Bleecker St., lucky dog) and is in the process of selling his apartment here.  He’s set to close on 10/31 but there’ve been some issues with the building… I’ll be sharing that adventure in another post.

All of our furniture is set up but for now I’m working and writing either at the table or in our big comfy chair (I can’t complain about either of these… the views!  The views are incredible!) but I’m excited for my desk to arrive in a few days so that we can put it together and I’ll have a designated writing space where I can feel a little more grounded in my writing and set up my books and whatnot.  Our desktop is also not set up and needs to be.  Desk is supposed to arrive on the 14th so hopefully it will and I can talk Kris into setting it up with me that evening.  I miss having a desk.  And considering that my desk faced an unfinished wall in Ann Arbor and a painted wall at the other house here in Bennington I’m particularly excited for my view of the Berkshires.
The animals have adjusted well.  Knuckles loves the windows while Mugsy and Spike are in sun-drenched heaven thanks to our ten foot windows (sorry, bragging.  But at least I own it). Knuckles also enjoys the sun, as shown in the picture.
I’ve been working on a post about the move.  And a writing-related post or two.  Stay tuned for more later this week.
*I recognize that this sentence structure does make it sound like I’m drinking.  Read it out loud and pause for the commas.  It might make more sense then.

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