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Incarnation Squirrel

I absolutely love this and just had to share.

It's All In Perception

It appears i have a new squirrel friend. Well, friend isn’t the right word. I think the little gray one who has taken to hanging out in my backyard is my ex-mother in law. That is to say.. my recently deceased ex-mother in law.  A year ago she passed away after a bout of pneumonia. I should say right now, that she and i were never friends. Not even when her son and i were married. The marriage officially lasted for eighteen years. But it was one of those marriages that was over long before it was over. I digress. This squirrel started hanging around two weeks ago. She likes to watch me work in my kitchen. She looks through my kitchen window from a low branch of the maple right outside. When i cook, she doesn’t shut up. When i load the dishwasher, she chirps to beat the band…

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