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Double-Up Day for #NaNoWriMo2016

I shared the following on our regional forum this morning. If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year please consider making a donation, no matter how small, to help support this program which is doing so much good!

Hey, VerWrimos! It’s Double-Up Donation Day today!! If you haven’t yet made a donation to The Office of Letters & Light I’m here not to bully, not to guilt, and not to shame you but to offer some insight as to what donations do (and who they help) and offer my own reason for donating each year. That said, I understand that each of us has our own unique socioeconomic situation so I’ve got some non-monetary ways you can donate, too.

What Donations Do

NaNo/OLL is a nonprofit which means they have a bare bones budget.  Donations mean they can:

  • Bring the Young Writers Program and its materials to 2,000 classrooms around the country.
  • Keep the site up (and where would we be without the site?)
  • Run the Municipal Liaison program

You can get more info on what it costs to run Nano here.

Why Donate?

Maybe you don’t participate in YWP or use the site much.  Maybe it’s your first NaNo and part of the allure was that this is a free writing community (which is awesome). There are some other reasons to donate.  First, donating even a little bit gets you a Halo to show that you have helped make NaNo possible — and brought it to others around you.  Second, donating makes you more likely to finish.  You’re invested when you donate.  And most of us don’t make a habit of paying for something and then not doing anything with it.

Donating today puts you in the running for hourly prizes like software, hardware, books, posters, and the grand prize: a trip to NYC for the Writer’s Digest Conference!

But I’m Broke As a Joke

Again, I’m not here to shame/guilt/scold.  If you can’t afford it, pop over to the next section for how you can donate without spending a penny.  If you’re not sure if you can afford it, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you buy lunch, coffee, or tea out during the week? Consider replacing one of these with a donation of $5.
  • Do you go to the movies regularly? Skip one movie and donate $10.  Do you buy theatre snacks?  Donate $50 haha.  What the heck is up with movie theatre prices?  Good grief.
  • Got a change jar? Run to your local coinstar machine and cash it in, deposit it and donate — the best part of this is that you won’t even notice it’s missing.  My change jar sits in the corner until I find something worthy to donate it to and I’ve never felt like I was losing anything.
  • Got a birthday this month? If you’ve got someone popping cash in a card for you this month, consider donating a portion.

I make a small donation at the start of the month and then I donate on Double-Up Day. Never a huge amount, but whatever is in the cards.  This year, not gonna lie, November is a little rough around here thanks to buying a new place and having a tax bill all due at once. But, my change jar and I are making the trip to Hannaford later today and I’ve got about $10 in my PayPal account from who knows what.

Non-Monetary Donations

If it’s not in the cards for you to donate monetarily there are other things you can do.  Post about NaNo on your social media accounts and blog/tumblr/whatever it is we’re doing these days. Tell your local coffee shop or other space you think would be into hosting write-ins.  Attend a write-in and support other writers or hang out in the forums and offer encouragement.

No matter what your situation, please think about taking a little time today to donate something toward this crazy month we all love so much — even if it’s just a tweet! Feel free to reply with your reasons for donating, non-monetary donation ideas, your brags about the donations you’ve made today, and which prize you’re keeping your fingers crossed for!


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