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NaNoWriMo Week 3 Regional Email

NaNoWriMo is coming turning its final corner, and it was my turn to write VT’s Regional Email. We send it out on Sunday and since it’s gone out already I thought I’d share it here for those who need a little extra inspiration as we head toward the finish line. If you’re not active on the site you may have missed your own region’s. I saved you a ticket, though, for Miss Nancy’s NaNoPlanetary Tour. All aboard!

Thanks for joining the tour, I am soooo happy to have you aboard the NaNoPlanetaryTour. Sir?  Sir. If you don’t mind, please buckle up — we’re about to cover a huge amount of space and time and the last tourist who forgot to buckle up ended up bumping his head pretty hard. I’d hate for that to happen to you since I hear that today’s tour is a group? A group of WRITERS? How exciting!  Are you published? Have I read anything you’ve written?  Hahaha, just kidding. Y’all are in luck ‘cause I’m a writer too and man, am I sick of those questions. Wait, we have to ask everyone’s favorite… join with me if you know it.

“Oh, so you’re not a REAL writer…?”


Well, folks. You ARE real writers. You’re real writers whether you’ve hit 50,000 words so far this month or 500. You’re real writers whether you plotted or pantsed. Whether you’ve written every day or have frantically filled in your novel in the spaces between real life. And that’s why you’ve been booked on this fabulous, late in the event tour. Because you deserve a break. And some celebration. And, for some of you, motivation. So let’s get started.

*Super comfy bus jerks forward and leaves lovely Vermont to head through the clouds*

☉ And here we are, in SPACE! On the right here you will see our SUN. Don’t worry, folks on the left, Sam will pull around so you can see it.

Here on the sun are those few writers — see them there waving? — who have reached the supreme state of being during NaNoWriMo and that’s the finish line. 50, 000 words were typed by those waving fingers. Or written… yes, some of them hand wrote their works. They can’t wait to meet up with the rest of us as we join them in that hot, hot place!  I see a question in the back? Oh, good one! The gentleman in the beret asked who those sun baskers are. We’re passing them quickly (and let’s just say I’m a better tour guide than sorter of data) but I think I see Colateralwar over there. Hey, Colateralwar!! And isn’t that betonica ordering a lemonade? You deserve it!

Okay, we gotta keep moving if we’re to get you back to your word counts so we’re going to visit opposite island next or, as you probably know it…

☽ The Moon. Ah, the moon. Keeper of secrets and puller of oceans. Isn’t he just lovely with his little face? I could just pinch those cheeks. Oh, uh, sorry folks. I just love the moon. The moon has always been connected with shining and is the hangout and writing spot of those who like to get in their 1667 a day. Me? No, friend. Not this go round. But lots of you have. With your diligent daily writing sessions and your commitment to updating your wordcount. Let’s all give a hand to those who have spent this month on the moon!  *feverish applause by all*

Now, let me be clear, and I know I speak for all of us on the bus: there’s no right way to do NaNo. Sure, it makes sense to write every day. And to write 1,667 words every day. But some of us just aren’t made for the moon. Some of us prefer to write on other planets. Who’s with me now?  Yeah, I knew there were a few of you out there!  Let’s hear it for the non-traditionalists who have thrown the idea of a daily 1,667 to the wind.  Hm… you’re right, ma’am… no wind in space. I’ll come up with a better one for my next tour. *applause and cheers for those who have taken an alternative route*

☿ Up here we have gorgeous Mercury, protector of nature. Mercury is the perfect place for those crunchy folk, like me, who enjoy a window with a view or even an outdoor writing space where we can bask in the fresh air, sounds, smells, and sights of the earth. We don’t care much if we have wifi but let’s hope we always remember to charge before heading out. Hey, Mercury writers — we’ve got extra firewood, cocoa and blankets for you crazy kids writing in the snow!

♀ And now you should be able to start seeing Venus — Sam, can we get a little closer? — Venus is a hangout of the enthusiastic WriMos. These are the writers who want to tell everyone about NaNo and its glory. But, that’s not the only group.  Sam?  Sam!  *Sam turns down the Bon Jovi* Can we show them the other group that loves hanging out on Venus?  See those writers there? The ones who are checking their watches and waving? Venus is also home to those plotters who had a clear, bright vision of their NaNo all along and are sticking to a schedule.  Sorry, ma’am? You’ll have to speak up!  You want me to let you off here? Are you sure? Why not stick around for the rest of the tour and then we’ll do drop offs on the way back to Vermont for those who have found their new fav writing spot?  I know, right?  I’m FULL of good ideas!

♂ That red glow coming up is the mysterious red planet, Mars. And those writers who are wiping their brows are the epitome of the Martians in our group: strong writers. These are the ones who are writing despite newborns and toddlers, multiple jobs or just one really demanding one, spouses who don’t get it, classes, or every and any other obstacle you can think of. They deserve our adoration for finding time to get this done despite their insane schedules. *Oooohs and aaaaaahs from the crowd*

♃ Onto Jupiter. Jupiter is home to the teachers. Hey, guys!  These are the writers who check into the forums to answer our questions. From what the name of the newspaper is in Bennington (the Banner) to how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop (perhaps we’ll never know!) these writers aren’t just writing — they’re also helping you out with everything from research to curiosity to pure distraction. Sam, did we bring anything for them?  That’s right — we brought them cracked and buzzfeed articles and some cat videos, too!  Here you go guys!

♄ Before we get to our next stop Sam’s going to slow down a little because… well, we gotta talk about this next group.  It’s easy to skip them. It’s easy to roll our eyes at them and to avoid them at Thanksgiving but I wanna get real about them. See, up ahead we have Saturn. And Saturn is home of the die hards. These are the people who aren’t going to let you find an excuse. This is the writer friend who texts you every morning with a demand for you to reshare your document so they can check your wordcount. They’re the one to remind you that while you have two jobs, they have six. And only have one pencil. And it’s broken. So they’re writing their novel in blood. Hear that: they’re writing their novel. They’d like to remind you of that. And while we sometimes don’t like their bossy tone or their aggressive policing of our procrastination I gotta tell ya: I love having one friend who’s writing on Saturn each NaNo because sometimes I need a swift kick in the pants. Yes, sometimes I really, really do.  So, can we just pause and give our Saturn friends some love because, let’s face it, they’re going to get this done no matter what we do.  *Bus recognizes that there’s room for all of us and claps while swallowing some shame*

♅ Drive faster, Sam!  The Saturns are trying to pull us down where they can beat us into writing!  And, as you can see from my abysmal word count, I’m just not into writing right now (although if you think I’m not counting these 1806 words toward today you’re crazy!). Okay. Next is one of my favorite stops along the NaNoPlanetaryTour and that’s Uranus. And not because I’m 12 and like to make childish jokes but because this is where those Pie in the Sky writers hang out (thank Goodness they’re right after Saturn).  These are the folks who are going above and beyond. Yup, the over 50k crowd loves hanging out on Uranus (which means “sky”) and reaching their lofty goals.  I think I see WritingFreedom down there — let’s make some noise up in here! *tourists go INSANE cheering for that 75k goal*

♆ Believe it or not, Neptune, which is up here on the left — don’t worry, Sam’ll get a view for the right side, too — is the most visited by WriMos. Like the sea it represents, Neptune is the place for waves. Consecutive days of strong word counts and determination followed by lapses in wordcount and upticks in procrastination. Sometimes I hang out here for days thinking about writing without actually doing it. I’ve seen a few of you here with me. Neptune is a friendly place where everyone just kinda goes with the ebb and flow that is November. Give’m a wave, everyone!

♇ And now, dear Pluto. Whether or not you think of this guy as a planet we at NaNoPlanetaryTours do. Because he is the end of the line. And there’s something beautiful about his not being completely defined… because sometimes the end of the line at NaNo also isn’t. Sometimes it’s 50,000. Sometimes it’s 75k. Sometimes it’s 40,000 of the most brilliant words ever or 50,256 of the most fun you’ve ever had but just the beginning of where you realize your novel really is. We love Pluto and his embracing of each and every effort, each and every writer, and each and every project. We at NaNoPlanetaryTours relate to him pretty well.  Yes? In the red? Question?  Ah, no… we won’t see anyone hanging out on him until December first when we all wake up and ask the most important question: What Now?

And that’s the end of our tour… you’ll notice in the seat back pocket a bunch of planets on popsicle sticks. Just hold up the one you’d like to do your next bit of writing back and we’ll drop you on your way back to Vermont. We can’t wait to see what you produce this month and just want to thank you for joining us on this tour of space where we hope we’ve shared with you our deepest of deep NaNoBeliefs: you are all rock stars, you are all brave, you are all awesome. And there’s no one we’d rather be on this crazy trip with than you!

Alrighty — looks like we’re rounding Neptune again and I see some of you are ready to get back to your writing — mind the gap and please take your bags with you!


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