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Best of 2016 — Games

If you were to ask Kris what something is that is very “me” he would likely say that I am always looking to try something new. Not in the sense of being fickle or taking on too much, but that if someone talks about a book that sounds good I’ll put it on my list. Same with podcasts, tv shows…

So I decided to compile a few posts compiling the best things I read, listened to, played, watched, whatevered in 2016. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have your own “to check out” lists open to add a few and if you do, please let me know in the comments.

Read about my favorite books/podcasts/songs of 2016.

Best Games I Played in 2016

Full disclosure: I am NOT a gamer. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a gamer. I think it would be awesome to be a gamer. But if I were to try and pass myself off as a gamer I’d be a total poseur. I just learned, in the last decade or so, that it is not poser. But poseur. Which is the most pretentious, hipster thing ever.

But I digress. Let’s talk about games. First of all: I don’t discriminate. Tabletop games, video games, iOS games, puzzles, word games… it’s all about the brain, strategy and my FIERCE competitive side. I’m going to stick to what was new to me in 2016 but seriously, if you ever want my take on games or want me to suggest something based on your tastes, just let me know.  Again, I’m going to skip Amazon and tell you to pick up these games from your local comic or game store. Like the awesome one here in Bennington!

  1. Pandemic Legacy: Not only is this the best game I played this year, but it is the best game. Ever. Period. Honestly, I don’t need another game in my collection. I don’t want to give *anything* away. Because some people (*clears throat* suzanneandlisa *clears throat*) have not yet played and because I am a very good and awesome friend, I will keep this spoiler free. Even if Lisa doesn’t deserve it. So.  Pandemic Legacy is the collab tabletop game, Pandemic, but better. It takes Pandemic and spreads it over a calendar year (not an actual calendar year) by having each game’s outcome and actions during the game, even, influence the game going forward. So the first time you play it’s regular old Pandemic in January. If you lose you get a second shot at January.  If you win, you move on to February. If you lose both Januaries you move onto February after the second attempt. Winning and losing determine things for the next game — like there are bonuses for winning. The game, board, and even PLAYERS change. Kris and I bought it a few months ago with my money while we were at my mom’s and we have left it there and only play with her. It is BRILLIANT. I would recommend playing it the original way first if you’ve never played… you can use the legacy set to do that just don’t do any of the stuff that comes at the end of the game — play each as if it’s your first until you get the mechanics.
  2. Blackbox: This is an iOS only game (sorry Android folks) that is devilishly rage-inducing but in a really good way. Like the way “a dark room” had you throwing your phone across the room and then when you picked it up there would be a message from the game reminding you that throwing your phone across the room would not help you advance. It is a puzzle game where the goal is to turn on all the lights in a grid. Some puzzles have one part and some have many. Sometimes solving half of a multi-part puzzle will unlock other challenges. Sometimes you won’t open another challenge for days or weeks at a time.  The game is one of those that both makes you think completely outside the box but also does things that are so freaking simple it will take you ages to figure out. Avoid looking at walkthroughs.  The game gives you a little intro tour that will get you thinking down the right path.



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