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The Best of 2016 — Blogs

If you were to ask Kris what something is that is very “me” he would likely say that I am always looking to try something new. Not in the sense of being fickle or taking on too much, but that if someone talks about a book that sounds good I’ll put it on my list. Same with podcasts, tv shows…

So I decided to compile a few posts compiling the best things I read, listened to, played, watched, whatevered in 2016. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have your own “to check out” lists open to add a few and if you do, please let me know in the comments.

Check out my favorite books/podcasts/games/music of 2016, too!

Best Blogs I Read in 2016

I’m sticking to personal blogs here vs. things like blogs of major websites. This year I stopped reading a few and picked up some others. A few of my absolute favorites have ceased to exist — I often wonder if blogging is going out of style. I hope not. Because I love the glimpse into someone’s passion/life/art they offer.

  1. Ana Pascoe: Ana is an Aussie living in Oklahoma for a few years. She is also an extremely talented writer and insightful blogger. Her posts are mostly about her time in the US but she also writes about writing and about some pretty heavy topics, like social justice. She is intelligent, kind and funny and all of this comes across in her writing. I discovered Ana’s blog via Twitter. During the 2016 Flash Fiction Challenge Round 1 I tweeted out a request for crit partners and Ana was one of the writers who responded. Since then she, I, and another writer have a group DM on Twitter where we chat mostly about contests but sometimes venture off into other things (anxiety about contests, Ana’s desire to find “real sausages” in America, how two of us live pretty close to each other during the summer and need to hook up). Ana’s blog is a great edition to anyone’s list.
  2. Iain kelly: Another writer. Includes flash and short fiction, book and film reviews, and visual art. Based in Scotland and really, really good.
  3. Mixed Bag: Hema fell into my awareness through Yeah Write, a collective of really talented writers I joined because I entered their fiction contest. During the contest there was a group chat through FB where the participants, including Hema and I, kept each other sane. Hema and I also critiqued each other and she is brilliant. Not only is her fiction a stellar example of how to do it right — she also writes about travel, shares recipes, and covers some other topics on a very well-organized, really well-proofed site (she’s a grammar Nazi, too!).
  4. Reedster Speaks: Another writer discovered through Yeah Write, Cindy Reed is incredible. The post I’ve linked to is one of the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. Many, many moons ago I wrote creative nonfiction and any time I’m on her site I want to start again. For those interested, she offers courses that are well-structured and lauded by participants. I am going to take one in 2017.
  5. Crone: Jac Forsyth’s blog is a collection of the writer’s flash and short fiction, prose, poetry, and meta posts on writing. Phenomenal writing with an obvious attention to picking the exact right word and then connecting it to another and another to achieve stellar language and cadence.

What blogs are you reading? Whose tales of life, love, and loss, whether fiction or non, are grabbing you and bringing you back for more? Share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “The Best of 2016 — Blogs

  1. Thank you so much Nancy!! I’m incredibly flattered to be included in this list, and I’m so grateful we connected. Undoubtedly, I’ve learnt a lot and had a lot of fun swapping stories with you and getting to know you… And I’m probably going to steal this idea for a blog post at some point too! :)

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