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Final Contest Update of 2016

The results of the first Fiction War (The Great Flash Fiction War?) were due to come out today. I was excited. The prompt, “I can’t leave her, she’s already gone.” took me down a new path: time travel. And let me say, I absolutely love the piece I developed. With FW taking the top 15 people, I also thought I had a really good shot because that’s been my sweet spot in NYCMidnight.

Kris is off until Thursday so we walked the dogs and then decided to grab lunch. On the way I looked at the site and a list of titles were up. And mine wasn’t there. And yes, I’m bummed. And I did that thing I do where I set a time limit on my sulking. In this case it was about 1:15. I gave myself until 3 pm which is a little longer than I usually allow this type of indulgence.

But today’s a little different.

Today marks the final chance for getting published in 2016. And so today’s rejection was a little more sobering. And felt a little more final.

That said, here’s what I can take away from the last few months…

  1. In the past I rarely entered contests. In the span of the last few months I’ve entered three.  I didn’t have time to devote to it while working at MEA. I didn’t have time to devote to much while working at MEA. But especially not to writing. Not the type of writing you have to do in contests.
  2. When I last did NYC Midnight I earned 0 points.  This fall I earned 15 points in the first two rounds: enough to pass the first elimination but for that darned tiebreaker. There is a huge difference between earning squat and coming in the top five after two rounds.
  3. I’d never heard of Yeah Write before a few months ago. Now I’m a bit of a lurker. Eventually I’ll put stuff on the grids regularly but for now I’m meeting other writers, critiquing and chatting. Checking out other people’s stuff on the grids. I made it past the first round of their inaugural fiction contest.
  4. Since October I have written 4 solid pieces of flash fiction. Historical fiction/suspense, romantic comedy, contemporary speculative, contemporary sci-fi. All four of these could be cleaned up and submitted for publication now that they have been knocked out of contests.

I’m not at the point of wanting to throw in the towel but I’m definitely licking my wounds a little. At the end of the day, though, I’m celebrating the four things above as well as meeting some new people and recommitting to my craft. I’ve written more in the last few months than I have in years and while it’s not daily and I’d like to do it more, I’m definitely back at it. And that is good. Something will come out of it.

So… with no wins and contests over until January what’s my plan? There are a few journals and magazines that have caught my eye so I’ll be on Duotrope, finalizing, and submitting. There’s still December. And there’s 2017 for a fresh new set of contests.


4 thoughts on “Final Contest Update of 2016

  1. Great post. I’m with you all the way. Had I been picked up by a publisher a year ago, I’d be strutting around telling everyone to hang on in there and not having a clue. Instead, what I’ve learned is the real value in rejection. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, it’s made me stronger, more resilient, more adventurous, more honest, it has given me an inner faith in my work and most of all it’s made me a better writer. Bring it on, 2017.

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