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She ran.  She had no idea for how long or how far. She only knew she had to keep running.  Nevermind that her feet were bare. Nevermind that branches scratched her face.  Nevermind that her hair kept getting tangled in the branches crossing the path.

She was afraid to look back, to see how far ahead of him she was. She knew the answer: not far enough.

Deer bounded from nowhere, effortless and unaware. It slowed her down. Adrenaline faded. The extra thuds behind her offered incentive. She needed to keep going.  Quickly.

She turned her head one last time.


11 thoughts on “Untitled

    1. Thanks, me too! I have so many of these little scenes in my head that leave so many questions. Maybe someday I will discover the rest of her story. Thanks for stopping by!


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