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Bombs Away


Once upon a time I had a dirty secret. One that surprised anyone who knew me and found out. I am a product whore. No. Really. A product whore. I want to smell everything and try new things on my skin. My hair doesn’t look this good naturally, kids. For some reason I was embarrassed by this addiction. But I’ve come to embrace it (part of “The Great Chilling Out”). Also, I’m not a product hoarder — which is a totally different category.

Today, I really indulged it. But I can’t take the credit for this — the universe wanted it. Remember how it was hard for me to be a skeptic back in Brooklyn in 1999? It happened again.

Two days ago I realized that I hadn’t heard from Yelp about whether or not I’d been made Elite for 2017. I’ve been yelping since 2007 or ’08 and was first made elite in 2010 and since then I’ve been bent on keeping the title. I am gold (which happens after 5 years) and apparently pretty close to being black (10 years). It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of my life, but gamify anything or make it competitive and I’m in .

Anyway… I hadn’t heard from Yelp. And I had the same realization that I have had before: I haven’t been to a single event since we moved back to Bennington. A few hours later I was uploading some pictures and writing a review when I noticed that there it was: Yelp 2017. And when I clicked to the yelp homepage before shutting down I saw a bath bomb class was being offered today in Albany.

Why not?  I signed myself up, a little nervous because it’s been a rough week in our house, but was able to get over and brought the good camera with me. I’m glad I did. Teaching the class were Aarikah, Mark, and Mica from Black Kettle Soap Company (you can also find them on Etsy — believe the hype!). Aarikah gave us her recipe (take the class!) and talked us through some of the ingredients, where to find them, basic tips and then we were measuring and mixing away.

Each student made 6 bath bombs (not as huge as the Lush ones, more like a round, standard, Christmas tree ornament). The batch of bath bomb batter (I didn’t know what else to call it so I called it batter) was perfect — virtually no waste — and we were able to make more than one color if we wanted. I went with orange (I’m really into orange) and then took some of my orange in a smaller container and added red.

In addition to coloring the batter we also got advice on fragrance and decorations. Many of the students in the class did some sort of decoration on the end or ends. I went plain which was fine since I had a LOT of trouble getting my bathbombs to stick together — I let my batter get too dry toward the end. Of my six, four came out awesomely, 1 is crumbling, and the 6th is in two halves. That means I got SEVEN bath bombs out of the class.

For the fragrance I went with “Honey & Shea”. I liked the “Driftwood & Sea Salt” fragrance too and suggested it to my neighbor. I used some of his green batter that was scented that way in bombs 3 and 4. Dude didn’t even know what a bath bomb was when he came to class but apparently the look on my face when he asked me about them was enough to convince him.

You can watch the tutorials online (I have) but if you want the care and attention of  teachers who knows what they’re doing and you’re in the capital region of NY State, defintely get on their mailing list. In addition to bath bombs Aarikah and company teach sugar scrub making, soap making, and are kicking around a few other ideas. Take a class. Nothing like supporting a local artisan who not only makes a quality product but also shares that knowledge with others.


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