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Introducing The Just Write Already Monthly Writing Goals Linkup


Hey hey. Happy Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re anything like me this is one of your favorite days of the year. I’m super productive with my writing AND I get to eat deliciousness since Kris is usually jumping to get pizza and something else. Something bad so freakin’ good. I’ve been pushing for either wings or nachos. Yum.

In the spirit of it being one of the most productive days of the year (honestly, any time football is on I’m insanely productive) I’m writing to announce the creation of a blog linkup I’d love you to join. If you’ve been here before you’ve probably seen me write about the fact that I set yearly and monthly writing goals. I’m also holding myself accountable by writing about how I did on those goals and sharing my next month’s goals each month. I’d like you to join in on the fun with me.

Everything You Want To Know About The Monthly Writing Goals Linkup

I’ve divided this up by sections that should help you find what you’re looking for but let me be very clear: read it all. The goal here is to form accountability and community so you’ll want to make sure that you’re posting something that will be allowed to stay.

Who is this linkup for?

This blog linkup is currently for writers and bloggers. If you write or blog, fiction or non, you are invited to join us. I am considering expanding this to other creatives as time goes on but to start, and for at least the first half of 2017, it is only for writers.

If you are a writer who does not have a blog, you can still participate! Email me and I’ll send you more information.

What’s the point of this linkup?

This linkup serves three purposes:

  1. Monthly, writers and bloggers can share their reflection on the previous month’s goals and share their goals for the next month (ie. in March participants will write and share a post where they will reflect on their February goals and list their March goals.).
  2. Whenever they want, writers and bloggers can visit other participants’ sites to get ideas for goals, find out about contests, and see how other people do with their struggles.
  3. Participants can meet other bloggers and support them. Each participant is required to visit and comment on the three previous posts before sharing their own. Each participant must also share the person who shared before them via social media.

Are you a rules person?

Indeed I am. I don’t care about things like font and paragraphing or about the order in which you include the information in your post but I am a lover of rules and those who follow them. If the idea is to build community, everyone must be interested in, well, building community. And that means the #1 rule is: It’s Not About You. It’s About Us.

Here are the other rules, again, I’m breaking these down as best as I can.

Posts Must Contain…

  1. Three clearly marked sections (it can have six or seventeen or just three, but no matter what, it has to have these.): Reflection on (PREVIOUS MONTH)’s Goals, (CURRENT MONTH)’s Goals, Possible Pitfalls & Prep.  This last section is where you should think about one potential obstacle in the next month and confront it. No, “Well, fingers crossed!” or “Maybe I’ll meet it!”. Put an actual plan in place to survive writing after having your wisdom teeth out or while you’re taking your teenager on college visits.
  2. Goals that challenge but set you up for success. Earlier today I posted about SMART goals and it’s a good idea to read that post to get a sense of what your goals should look like. “Write more” or “Write a novel” aren’t SMART, or smart, goals. They are far too amorphous. While you don’t have to have a spreadsheet like I do, you’ll want to read that post, or this one that I wrote for a client, to get a sense of how to frame a goal to be measurable and attainable and all the other letters in SMART. My post is specific to writing goals and probably the better choice.
  3. A link to either this post or to the current monthly link up in which you’re participating. Failure to link back will result in your link not being added.

Posts Must Not Contain…

  1. Ads, solicitations, pyramid scheme invites. The idea of these posts is to first have a conversation with yourself about your goals and progress. Second, to engage a community of writers who may love your ideas or have one you love. Third, to form community. It is not to sell your organizational products or tokens or talismans. It is not so we take a course. It is not so that we send you money or start selling things for you. If you do provide a writing course, get in touch — I love to try new things and am happy to promote courses, classes, and ebooks that I find helpful.
  2. Recruitment. The three people below you are going to visit your site. But please do not offer or ask for more than that. Don’t use these goal posts as a link to every other post you’ve written. Again: it’s not about you.

Before Participants Post They Must…

  1. Comment on the three people above you. When you post your link you must visit the three people above you, read and comment on their post’s page. So. Ann posts first. Ann doesn’t have anyone above her. Beth visits. Beth goes to Ann’s page, reads her post and comments. She then posts her link in the comments. Charles posts third. He goes to Ann’s link, reads and comments. Then he goes to Beth’s and does the same. Then he comes back here and posts.  Ann and Beth are not off the hook and should instead comment on three others within 24 hours of their comment.  This way everyone gets three. Only once you have commented on the three above you (except if you are the first few) can you post your link in the comments.
  2. Comments must be valuable. Maybe you’re interested in one of the goals. Tell the poster about it. Ask a question. Say how you might do it differently. Tell them about a goal you have that is similar. Share how you fail at that goal every time you set it. Don’t just post with, “kewl post, did you check out mine’s?”.  If you are getting shitty comments, contact me asap.

After Participants Post They Must

  1. Share one post on Social Media within 48 hours. So Ann goes through and reads a few and realizes that William has goals she never would have thought of. Ann shares William’s post on the SM platform of her choice and comments on William’s post and the link up with a link to William’s post.  When sharing: include a link, and that it was from The Just Write Already Monthly Writing Goals Linkup (with a link).

Not Required But Good Practices…

  1. Like more than one post? Share!
  2. Follow the blogs you really like.
  3. Invite your friends to join the linkup

The Fine Print

By sharing your link you accept and agree to these rules. You understand that not following them will likely result in your comment being deleted. The first two months a rule is violated the host will endeavor to reach out and ask for the rules to be followed but after that, it’s on you. Repeated violation of the rules will prevent future participation.

Anything shared by a participant may be shared, with proper link, on Just Write Already. If you write something awesome I’m going to want to put it out there. I’m going to say it’s yours and I’m going to talk about how awesome you are. So don’t post and then say, “Could you not share that?” If you’re good, I’m sharing.

Please consider, after a few months and if you like it, sharing this linkup so that others can participate and we can learn and grow from each other.

Who’s Ready?

This linkup will take place on the 6th of every month starting on March 6th. On that day, schedule or write a post that shares how you did with your February goals, your March goals, a pitfall and how you’re going to workaround it. An example post can be found here.


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