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To say it’s rare that I play online games is an understatement. My favorite games are tabletop games that I play in person with people (even if in person means over Google Hangouts with margaritas) or puzzlers that I play on my iPad. Speaking of which, when is Black Box going to add levels? Love that game.

Every once in awhile, though, there is an online game that knocks my socks off. When writing a post earlier I was reminded of GeoGuessr.

GeoGuessr: A Geographic Mystery Great For All Ages

Where Are You? See if you can guess in GeoGuessr.

GeoGuessr is simple in premise: You are dropped somewhere in the world (you can pick from the scope of the map) and find yourself there in Google Streetview. From there you can wander around with the goal being to figure out where the hell you are and place a pin as close to your original location as possible.

You can play as a single player or challenge friends, both of which give the game a different feel.

For me, I like to play single and take time to really think about what I’m being shown. What do street signs tell me? Are they written in English or another language? Is the alphabet different from the one I use? Can I deduce the language and therefore narrow down to a specific region or maybe set of countries? It’s amazing how much you have to think about when plopped in the middle of nowhere.

Sometimes I’m way off and other times I’m scarily close. Either way, it’s a great way to take a quick break. Go ahead, try it out now and let us know how you do in the comments!


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