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February Recap & March Goals

It’s that time. That time when I take a look back at the last month of my writing, assess how I did on my writing goals, and set some new ones for the next month. This post is also going to be part of the linkup I’ve started and this is the first month you can participate. Check out this post if you think you’d like to participate — everything you need is there!

Reflection on February’s Writing Goals

February was not as productive as I would have liked.

I met some of my goals. I wrote all of the blogs I had on my list and I also set up the monthly goals linkup. I entered the Writers’ Digest Short Short Fiction contest. I also read and commented on other blogs weekly — and I was worried about that one.

I worked really hard on Gotham Writer’s Workshop and will continue with that through March.

I fell behind on many of my goals. The biggest disappointment was the minimal word count. I was a rock star at the start but I was not prepared and did not have a good plan for the week I was in California. The week after that I just could not get back into my routine. This week has also been rough.

I also didn’t finish a draft of The Exes (a story in its very early stages) or the outline for Then Came The Serial Killers (a story in even earlier stages). In addition, I didn’t participate in the Yeah Write grids. My goal was to do that twice. I didn’t even do it once.

Looking back at this I had to ask myself was it that I bit off more than I could chew or was it a lack of preparation. It was definitely a little bit of both, and I’ll get more into this later in the post, but more a lack of preparation.

March Writing Goals

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this month:

  • Write six blog posts including two for the nf grids.
  • Get “The Price of Right” ready for next Writers of the Future entry period.
  • One outline of one of the germs I have in order to continue producing quality fiction.
  • One first draft of one of the pieces I have in the planning stages.
  • 40,000 words for the month (I’m not going to increase since February was such a disaster)
  • Continue working on Scribophile on The Price of Right
  • One critique of each person who critiqued The Price of Right

These goals push me toward increasing production and also staying focused on some ideas that I have that could turn into some really good things.

Possible Pitfalls & Prep

February involved a week of cross country travel including one 20 hour day. It killed my writing routine so I’m well aware that travel is a big pitfall for me. That said I am traveling this coming weekend which means I need to find a workaround. My goal is to increase my wordcount beginning Monday since I am well aware I likely will not write again after tomorrow until then. Sometimes just being honest and saying, “Yeah, probably not going to happen,” is better than freaking out about how to get it done.

My job kind of blew up in and after Sacramento and so I was working 12 hour days instead of taking that nice 4 hour chunk to write. Luckily I am part of a good team who recognize when someone has too much on their plate and we’ve figured that out. This means that starting Monday I should be able to get back to my initial 4 hours of writing before starting my work day.

The Just Write Already Monthly Writing Goals Linkup

just-write-already-monthly-writing-goals-linkup This post is part of the The Just Write Already Monthly Writing Goals Linkup. Go to this post and share your post in order to participate and be sure to go to the original post to check out all the rules.

By participating in this linkup you’re likely to connect with other writers, learn how people set their goals and what works and doesn’t, and learn about how to work around pitfalls you might face but have not been able to figure out how to defeat. Try it out and see how participating helps you out.



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