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Unfinished Fictions

Yesterday I was thinking about free writing. I’ve never been good at it. I get far too meta and start writing about how I’m not writing anything of substance. I am really good at that thing you do where if you run out of things to say you just keep writing the last word over and over again in order to not stop writing.

But that’s the extent of my free writing abilities. My free writing sessions quickly morph into a list of things I haven’t done, need to do, want to do. And usually these are things like grocery lists written in sentences or lamentations about laundry.

Yesterday, though, I realized something.

Free Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Completely Free

When I did Cindy Reed’s 30 day course to establish a writing practice she had all sorts of prompt generator sites. And she had me use them sometimes. I’ve gotten away from this on my free writing and have either used them to start blog posts or have just written about nothing. Seriously, my free writing is more about nothing than the best episodes of Seinfeld.

And so this morning I decided to give one a whirl. I popped over to google and searched “writing prompt generators” and then clicked on the first to appear. From there I started writing.

And, surprise surprise*, I came up with the start of something. And that gave me an idea. I’m going to start sharing these little unfinished fictions, good or bad. Take them and change them, incorporate them into your own story, add to them and then ask someone to add to yours. Just be sure to comment with a link so we can follow where you’ve taken them.

And if you’re inspired, feel free to start your own practice of not giving much thought to the prompt and just setting a timer for ten minutes and seeing what comes out. Who knows, you might find the basis for something pretty incredible.

*not at all, I should have seen this a mile away. And I probably did. Although I didn’t admit it.


One thought on “Unfinished Fictions

  1. The ten minute stopwatch approach is something I’ve used often in the past – definitely works to get your mind active. And once one idea arrives along comes another…and another…

    Will look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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