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I am really bad at blogging about wine.  I’ll say it’s part of my charm and call it a day, I guess.  Last week was really, really rough.  The last two weeks, really.  So I couldn’t tell you what I ate while drinking these or even really what I thought beyond liked/disliked.  At some point, though, I’m going to write posts like the one a few weeks ago where I went into my pairings, etc.  No, really.  I even broke out my wine journal to start tracking a little better.

That said, I’ve got three pictures and going from right to left.  The Clos de Lunes Lune d’Argent was a surprising favorite.  No clue where I picked it up.  It’s a 70% Sémillon/30% Sauvignon blend.  I’m so weird about whites again lately but I’ve found that I enjoy Sémillon since trying it at the 2015 Wine Bloggers’ Conference in the Finger Lakes.

That Chop Shop Cabernet is one of my absolute favs — this is not the first time I’ve had it.  It’s a Club W (Winc) wine and say what you will but their $13 bottles are some of the best I’ve had.

I’m currently working through the 2014 Ye-Ye Monastrell, a Spanish grape I’d never tried before this bottle.  Very campfirey.  Campfire-esque?  Kind of reminds me of the wine I got completely sloshed on the night we went camping.  Which was supposed to taste like a camp fire.  Easy to drink and seriously opens up as it warms.  We haven’t found a place for our wine fridge yet so I’m drinking my reds way too cold.  Now that my desk is set up (YAY!  I finally get to sit at a desk tomorrow to write) my next goal is getting the wine fridge going so that my poor reds can be less chilly.  Definitely a food wine I’ve had it with mulligatawny twice this week and it was a decent pairing.  I think I’d really love it with a juicy, pepper crusted steak and some sort of roasted, spiced veggies.

My next box arrives this week and has a blaufrankisch so I’m very excited for that.  Also a primitivo and red blend I’ve had several times (and already have in my fridge).

That said, I’ll take notes this week and keep my fingers crossed that life resumes at a normal pace.

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