Tip Tuesday: Do The Can Can

I love glass. The heft of a well made rocks glass in my hand, the sparkle of freshly polished windows. But I also love a beautiful frosted piece and sea glass. Wine bottles are one of my favorite ways to set out candles and I also love decorative pieces from upcycled wine bottles. But glass bottles are not eco-friendly. Glass Bottles Are Gorgeous, But Not Eco-Friendly

The more ethical choice is buying your booze in a can. And while that might invoke fear as you picture Pabst or Budweiser, believe me when I tell you that not only are more producers canning, but alcohol ages better in cans thanks to blocking 100% of natural and artificial light.

Why Glass Bottles Aren’t Green

  • We don’t recycle glass as much as we do cans. In our house we recycle everything but this is not typical. Americans only recycle about 25% of their bottles whereas they recycle 45% of cans.
  • Fossil fuel emissions are considerably higher when it comes to glass. This one is a killer on several levels. First, bottles leave empty spaces because of their shape. This means less efficient packing to transport bottles. Second, glass weighs more, making trucks work harder to carry less.

Try It Out

This week, when you bring your reusable bag to the grocery store, consider purchasing beer or wine in cans. Bonus points if you look for cans that were made from recycled materials.


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