Learn how to save water with these simple switches.

How Much Water Can You Save In A Year?

Simple Switches to Save Water

This week I shared some ways to save water. Here’s an infographic that breaks it down annually.

How did I come up with the numbers? I used the most recent statistics for the “average American” and made some assumptions about their water use. Then I gave my water waster some better habits.

The Surprises

27 gallons to hand wash dishes? Car washes less wasteful than using the hose at home? Those two floored me. Also, 5 gallons straight down the drain while brushing. That’s a ton of water. I knew it was a lot and never leave the Tap on, but five gallons?! Whoah.

This goes to show that it’s important to check our assumptions every now and then.

Going Forward

You may not be able to completely remediate your water use habits; I spent the first 7+ years out of college renting apartments without dishwashers, for example. But chances are there are some things you can do. 


  1. […] Water isn’t the only thing Americans are good at wasting. We are also wasteful of energy, which is especially disturbing considering that we are still using archaic forms of energy that are destructive to the earth. About 5% of the world’s population lives in the US and yet we use 18% of the world’s produced energy. And I use the word use lightly, since much of this is wasted. […]

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