Who wouldn't want to drink frozen daiquiris all the time?

This Week’s Recipe: Frozen Daiquiris

As a kid, my family’s go to restaurant for celebrations was a huge, seafood themed monstrosity in Bayville, NY which is on the North Shore of Long Island. Looking back I wonder why Steve’s Pier was the go to place considering that I have a raging seafood allergy. This was also the place where I tasted my first daiquiri. At some party, some cousin let me sip theirs. And I had the thought I had throughout my childhood: Why do grownups get all the cool stuff? 

Who wouldn't want to drink frozen daiquiris all the time?As an adult I rarely have a daiquiri. In college we were all about frozen drinks until we realized beer was cheaper and accomplished the same goal (the goal being getting drunk, of course). Add to this that since graduating college I’ve been a beer and wine fan. And I couldn’t tell you the last time I was at a place that even has frozen daiquiris on the menu.

Every once in awhile, though. I get a craving. Done right, daiquiris are a delicious, refreshing break from the norm and there is so much you can do with the flavors and texture. So this week, I’m excited to share another pitcher drink recipe. Not only are these delightful, but they’re more ethical than other daiquiri recipes you’ll find online. More on that later.

What Is A Daiquiri?

According to The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, daiquiris are one of the six basic drinks. The cocktail is made with rum, citrus juice and sugar. The frozen version, which is the favored, is blended in a really good blender with ice. Regular daiquiris are usually made in a shaker with crushed ice and then strained into a chilled glass. Sometimes the crushed ice is left in the drink.strawberry-daiquiri-880900_640

Basic Frozen Daiquiri Recipe

I’m not sure why we don’t constantly have frozen daiquiris in our glasses considering just how easy they are to make. But we don’t. I’m going to work on that. You should work on it, too. Because once you make one batch you’ll realize just how easy and impressive these are. Daiquiris are also a little more economical because they use far fewer ingredients than other drinks (like sangria).

To make frozen daiquiris you’ll need a good blender. I have a Ninja and I use it every day. I start each day with a smoothie. Not a daiquiri. You can use any glass you want, my go to cocktail glasses are mason jars.  What goes into your daiquiri? Rum, fruit (and fruit juice), and sweetener.


mojito-2514908_640Traditionally, you want to enjoy your daiquiris like Hemingway did: with Cuban rum. If you’re here in the states, Cuban rum is currently legal to buy. That may change soon so stock up! If you can’t find Cuban rum or if President Trump reinstates the embargo, you want a light-bodied, delicate rum. And it should be clear. Like with sangria, though, you can have some fun after you get the basic recipe down. If you’re using pineapples in your daiquiri, for example, a coconut rum will take it to the next level.


In a traditional daiquiri this is “citrus juice” or “lime juice”. A frozen version, however, needs actual fruit. The options are pretty much limitless. Again, we’ll avoid tomatoes. But you could make a banana daiquiri and many people would enjoy it. Not me. But many, many people. Some flavors to consider? Strawberries, obviously, since they are the classic frozen daiquiri recipe. But any berries, tropical fruit, or stone fruit. Hot this summer? Frozen peach!soap-61089_640.jpg

Once you figure out your favorite amounts of booze, fruit and sweetener don’t hesitate to experiment with complementary flavors. Add ginger to peach or basil to strawberry. It’s hard to go wrong with mint.plant-2376664_640

Playing with flavored rum also works and there are all sorts of exciting rum flavors available.


Go crazy! Stick with a simple syrup using 1.5:1 (sugar:water) or play around with honey, molasses, maple syrup… the sky’s the limit.

The Measurements

It’s so easy to make a daiquiri.  Start with this and then adjust. For fruit we’ll use frozen fresh fruit, so an easy way to put this together? This recipe makes 4 and is perfect for making a big batch.

  • Rum: 6 oz light rum — Cuban if you can get it
  • Fruit: 4 cup frozen plus 6 oz juice
  • Sweetener: 4 teaspoons
  • Optional liqueur: 4 tablespoons

Putting It Together

Here’s how to make your daiquiri, although you probably don’t need this section. There are some helpful tips, of course, so give it a read at your leisure to make sure you get the most out of your first attempt.

  1. Place all ingredients in a really good blender.
  2. Blend.
  3. Serve.

Daq Haqs!

16-fruit-ice-cubes-for-smoothies-or-homemade-baby-food-7.jpgDon’t use frozen fruit from the store. You know me. I’m about to get all Ina on you. Yes, you can use it. But do you want to? That fruit is often sugared more than it needs to be. And it’s not local. It’s also not frozen fresh for the most part but actually a little over ripe. So freeze your own! How? Easy. If you have a really big freezer you can place cut fruit in a single layer on a cookie sheet and pop it in the freezer. I have a tiny freezer so I use ice cube trays to freeze my fruit. This prevents me from getting huge clumps that can’t be measured.

Don’t put water in the tray. Just put in the fruit itself. Want to maximize your cubes? Puree the fruit and sweetener first and then pour the slurry into the tray.

Enhance. It’s totally up to you but some people love a little extra flavor. Consider adding a tablespoon per serving of matching schnapps or liqueur.

Garnish. Toss a piece of fresh fruit on the rim or in the drink for a tasty and eye catching bonus.

Did I Miss How Daiquiris Are Unethical?

No, I just cut it out of the recipe! The ice is the issue here. I avoid ice, when possible, by keeping my ingredients in the freezer or fridge. Shaking a drink with ice and then tossing it is far too wasteful for those of us focused on living oethically. That’s why my basic frozen daq recipe has you freeze the fruit. Sure, it takes a little longer but it pays off in flavor and is better for the earth.

Watch Me Make A Batch

Stay tuned to my brand new YouTube channel this weekend for a quick, fun video on making a delicious peach frozen version of this recipe. Because there are a LOT of peaches in my house right now.

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