August 7 – August 13: Week In A Glass

It was a busy week, but I had time to enjoy a few delicious things in my glass. Here’s the breakdown and a tip on how to drink frozen daiquiris without plastic straws.

Beer & Sangria

Forget Words With Friends, my favorite thing is drinks with friends. This week I was able to share a few.


I only had one beer this week. But it was local and it was delicious.

Bright Ideas (North Adams, MA); 3xIPA. Bright Ideas is located on the campus of MASS MoCA (the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art). The space is bright and open and they have fantastic beer. Kris and I enjoy popping in for a drink pre- or post-art. I wasn’t sure about trying this one. The last time I was in we did a tasting and liked everything except the IPA. It had potential but just wasn’t quite there yet. The Wheat was everyone’s favorite last night but I’m not a fan of wheat beers so I took a risk.

The beer was super fresh, tropical and a little bready. Very clean. The ABV is 10.2% so take it easy but definitely try it if you can get to the tap room. This beer is not distributed.


On Thursday a friend stopped by to taste my Sticks & Stones sangria. I’m still playing with this one (not a complaint!). The first batch was too boozy and the second not boozy enough. The third batch was nicely balanced but, as Mike pointed out, tastes way more of raspberry than peach so my fourth run at this my goal is to keep the booze level but I need to tone down the raspberry. I might play with adding some Schnapps but I’m worried that will make this too sweet.

Ethical Drinking/Eating Tip Of The Week

This week I shared how to make a frozen daiquiri. My recipe addresses the issue of using ice in frozen drinks and skirts the waste by freezing the fruit instead of adding ice. There’s another issue with frozen and other drinks, though. Plastic straws.straws-8001_640.jpg

Plastics are a huge problem for the earth. They don’t biodegrade so even if they break into smaller parts, they don’t go away and thus poison the water and earth. Plastic straws in the ocean cause problems for marine life, including sea turtles who can get them stuck in their noses. This can lead to death. The few who are lucky enough to be found endure a painful extraction.

Why Straws Suck

The manufacturing of straw requires petroleum, so right from the start there is an issue. In addition, straws are a single use item that get thrown away (end up in landfills) in massive amounts. 500 million straws are used each day in the United States. But, straws are completely unnecessary. They serve zero purpose.

If You Must…

If you really love drinking with a straw, there are options for you. Glass, metal, silicone – there are all kinds of reusable straws. Just make sure that you read and follow the cleaning instructions to avoid mold.

My favorite eco lifestyle blogger, Vale Hinojosa (also be sure to check out her gorgeous Insta!) got me thinking about this when she posted about using a reusable metal straw. You can find these online from many retailers. I can only find them for sale at Amazon and Walmart — two places to avoid if you’re looking to live more ethically. Check out your local eco-friendly boutiques for options.

My recommendation? Check out tiny, Michigan based company Strawesome. Besides the fact that everyone loves a pun, they offer gorgeous glass straws for as little as $8 (there are currently some for as little as $3.50 on their site!)

This week, skip the straws. Don’t use them at home, ask restaurants not to put one in your glass. You won’t choke, I promise. You also won’t make a mess. If you buy a straw from Strawesome, be sure to share a picture on Instagram and tag me!


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