Chill out with some cool white wine cocktails.

This Week’s Recipes: White Wine Cocktails

Sangria isn’t the only thing you can concoct with wine. There are lots of wine cocktails, including some perfect for summer white wine cocktails the most noteworthy appear in this delicious list. As always, I’ve put an ethical twist on these. Rather than take up real estate within the recipes saying the same thing over, let’s get it out of the way.

It’s Easy To Make Cocktails Eco Friendly

Nearly every one of these simple but awesome white wine cocktails requires a cocktail shaker full of ice. While you can reuse ice as you make each guest’s drink, there’s a more sustainable option. Check out reusable stainless steel ice cubes that you can keep in your freezer and use forever. In addition, you can keep all of the alcohol that won’t freeze in your freezer and the rest in your fridge so that you never need to waste ice. ice-562684_640.jpg

Booze That can Live in your Freezer

Above all: always remember that beer and wine can freeze so never store those in the freezer. I sometimes pop a bottle of wine in the freezer to get it colder faster, but never for more than an hour.

When it comes to cocktail ingredients, the key is knowing the proof of the alcohol. And lucky for you (and me!), it’s right on every bottle you purchase.

40 Proof Liquor 20% -7 C (22 F) Includes many low-proof liqueurs like Irish cream.
If left in a really cold freezer too long, these may get slushy, but this is rare.
64 Proof Liquor 32% -23 C (-10 F) A liqueur like amaretto and a flavored whiskey like Fireball
would fall in this range. These should be okay in the freezer.
80 Proof Liquor 40% -27 C (-17 F) Includes most standard base liquors like gin, vodka, whiskey, etc. You’re clear for the freezer!

This chart was taken from The Spruce.You can keep lots of booze ice cold in your freezer.

The Best White Wine Cocktails

Princess of the Hive

1 oz. each: gin, moscato wine, lemon juice
1/2 oz. each: peach schnapps, simple syrup

Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and then shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with twist or peach wedge. This recipe is from Redtree Wine.

This cocktail tastes exactly as you’d expect for the perfect summer poolside drink. Perfect during barbeques and other casual gatherings but elegant enough for your next soiree.Screenshot 2017-08-17 at 4.52.17 PM.png

The Star Gazer

2 oz. Chardonnay
1 oz. dark rum
1/2 oz. each: vanilla bean syrup, pineapple juice

Start by placing all ingredients into a shaker. Then shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime wedge. This recipe comes from Elixir according to the Cosmo list I nabbed it from.

This tropical refresher is round and soft in the mouth but not too much! The pineapple offers the perfect amount of acid to balance it out.stargazer_orig

The Refresher

5 grapes
2 mint sprigs
1/2 oz. simple syrup
1 1/4 oz. vanilla vodka
1/2 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. Chardonnay

Muddle grapes, mint and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add vodka, lemon juice, wine and Chardonnay. Shake and strain into a flute. Top with Prosecco and garnish with two grapes in the bottom of the glass. Recipe from Filini Bar and Restaurant.refresher

Just Keep Swimming

1 oz. each: Sauvignon Blanc, vodka, watermelon juice, simple syrup
1/2 oz. lemon
1 1/2 oz. seltzer

Combine everything except seltzer in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a glass filled with reusable ice cubes. Top off with seltzer. This recipe comes from The Raleigh.

If you want a little zing in your drink, get a Sauvignon Blanc that is less ripe (early harvest). You’ll have more lime and and green apple notes which will make the watermelon pop a little more. A later harvest Sauvignon blanc will taste more of stone fruit and have floral notes, rounding out the entire cocktail. Finally, an oaked Sauv Blanc may not work as well here since you’ll get flavors of vanilla, pie crust, dill, coconut, butter, nutmeg, and cream.just-keep-swimming.jpg


1 oz. each: moscato, vodka

Combine ingredients in a shaker and then strain into a martini glass and garnish with a twist. This simple but delicious drink comes from lifestyle blogger Maureen Petrosky.

Crimean Cocktail

2 oz. dry white wine
1 oz. each: orange liqueur (Cointreau), seltzer
1/2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine everything in a cocktail shaker shake.  Pour over reusable ice cubes, or no ice at all, in your glass of choice.crimean_cocktail.jpg

Raspberry Cocktail

*Please note this recipe is easier to make in batches of six so the recipe is for that.*

1 cup fresh raspberries, 6 additional raspberries for garnish
6 oz. gin
8 oz. dry white wine
1 oz. each: freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup
1/2 oz. Kirsch
8 ice cubes (real; this is a slushy drink)

  • First, lightly mash a cup of raspberries in a bowl. Then add gin and let sit at room temperature for two hours.
  • After 2 hours blend raspberries and gin until smooth. Strain the mixture, then discard the solid material. Next pour the strained raspberry/gin mixture back in the blender.
  • Add wine, lime juice, simple syrup, Kirsch and ice cubes and bend until ice is crushed. Finally, Pour into six glasses and garnish each with a raspberry.


White wine is great on its own, but cocktails are also a fun way to change things up. Enjoy these with friends and stay tuned for next week when I’ll share my favorite red wine cocktails.

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