A month's worth of eco-friendly tips in one blog post round up.

Tip Tuesday: Month In Review

If you’ve enacted even some of the eco friendly tips I shared in August you’ve had an effect on the world. Because it’s the end of the month and no one loves a list more than I do, here’s every tip by topic from August 2017.

Sustainable, Green, Eco-Friendly Tips From August

Week 1: Farmers Market Tips

  1. Always take time to do a circuit. You’ll see what’s available, and where which helps plan your shopping better. Which leads to #2.
  2. Get the cold stuff last. You might have to go out of order but remember that there aren’t industrial strength coolers and freezers at the farmers’ market. You’ll want to save the cold stuff for as close to the trip home as possible.
  3. Take notes. You’re going to do some on the fly meal-planning. Jot things down to help.
  4. Buy one unexpected item. Support a different vendor and expose yourself to something you’ve never had.
  5. Dip your toes vs. dive in fully clothed. Go a few times and don’t plan on doing the entirety of your shopping. It takes a while to get used to farmers’ market shopping.
  6. Don’t forget your reusable bag. This was covered in July – so super important!

Week 2: Conserve Energy

  1. Drive less, walk more. Driving is sometimes necessary. Often times, it’s not. Consider swapping out a drive with a walk, bike, carpool or public transportation when it’s feasible.
  2. Stay on top of household maintenance. Household leaks aren’t the only wasteful things needing fixin’ around the house. Change air filters when needed to help reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Upgrade with Energy Star appliances. When it’s time to replace a dishwasher or other household appliance, go with an Energy Star rated appliance to save energy and other resources over the long term.
  4. Operate at full capacity. If the dishwasher or washer isn’t full, don’t run a load. You can wear something else or wait to use your favorite mug.
  5. Chill out. Turn down your water heater to 120° and use the cold water setting on your laundry. You won’t realize the difference and will save energy to boot.
  6. Get political. I know, I know. Everyone wants to keep politics out of everything. Not me. Voting for politicians who are actively seeking a cleaner environment is a great way to help your community on a large scale. This applies to local, state and federal races — vote for those who help the earth.

Week 3: Paper Waste Reduction

  1. The less packaging, the better. Look for items with less packaging or no packaging. It’s better for the earth but food in less packaging is also super fresh, local and healthy (usually). Kind of in the same category: avoid elaborate gift wrap. Sure, it’s pretty, but it’s wasteful.
  2. Use scrap paper. Stop buying cute pads and reuse envelopes, receipts, form letters and whatever else. Have a contest with roommates, family and friends to see who can make an envelope last longest.
  3. Use things fully. From notebooks that start on page one to a line dividing the days, stop leaving blank pages in your bullet journal and other notebooks.

Week Four: Carpool

  1. Reach out to colleagues, others in the neighborhood, etc. Find out who lives near you and who’s interested in a carpool.
  2. Discover alternative carpool options. Check out alternative carpooling if you live in a big city. The DC Metro area and SF both have interesting options. Does your city?

September Sneak Peak

Next month I’ll be focusing on a favorite niche of mine: sustainable fashion, health and beauty products. From toothbrushes to shoes, I’ve got you covered with ethical choices for your bod.

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