Home Brewing Tip: Save Water By Using Unused Drinking Water for Cleaning When Brewing Mead

Homebrew Hack: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When it comes to sustainable brewing, just like regular brewing, it starts with equipment. It might not be what you think of, but the equipment you use has a tremendous effect on your footprint.

3 Reasons To Switch to Stainless Steel and Glass Home Brewing Equipment

When you need something new, or as you replace your home brewing equipment, always buy glass or stainless steel. Plastic may be cheaper but it’s time to get plastics out of your brewing routine. In addition to the fact that they have a shorter life than glass and stainless steel, they are terrible for the environment.

Landfill Filler

Plastics, even recyclable ones, are not 100% biodegradable. They end up in landfills and then leach into the water supply and soil. If you have plastic brewing supplies now, like buckets and pitchers and funnels, that’s fine. As you replace, look for stainless and glass brewing equipment.

Infection Risks

When a home brew has an off taste it’s bacteria to blame. That’s why cleaning and sanitizing are the most important step to brewing. This gets rid of any pesky bacteria that is hanging out, just waiting to funk up your brew. While you can clean and sanitize plastic equipment, every little scratch and divot is an easy spot for bacteria to hide out, just waiting for later.

Wear & Tear

Plastic items run the risk of warping from hot temperatures. While a warped pitcher isn’t going to make a tremendous difference, the wear in the long run is a problem because of the stress it puts on the equipment. Plastic can also crack. Stainless steel and glass home brewing equipment are much hardier and can handle being transported, heated, cooled and used much better than plastic.

Where To Find

Skip Amazon and go to your local homebrew shop and market. Many of the items you need aren’t specific to brewing, but homebrew shops will have the sizes you need. If you don’t have a local homebrew shop, check out local beer/wine/liquor stores. One of our wine and beer shops has a small homebrew section that is stocked with the essentials.

Basic Brewing Equipment for Mead, Cider & Herbal Wine

When you’re just starting out you don’t need a huge amount of equipment. Whether starting with one gallon batches or going bigger, you’ll need the basics in stainless or glass:

  • 2 glass carboys
  • Pot for heating
  • Metal or silicone skimming spoon (do not use a wooden spoon!)
  • Funnel

That’s all you need, believe it or not, to start brewing. Plastic equipment may be cheaper than the more sustainable options but you’ll get a better product and rarely have to buy replacements when you use stainless steel and glass home brewing equipment.

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