This Week’s Recipes: Beer Cocktails

Move over wine, as the weather gets cooler I’m moving toward cocktails made with beer. These are perfect for fall and also easy to make.

The Best Beer Cocktails

These are the type of beer cocktails you can make it less than a minute. Perfect for when you want a little more than a beer.

Black & Tan

Pale Ale

Stout or Porter

  • Fill half a glass with pale ale.
  • Slowly pour the darker beer, over an upside down spoon, over the pale ale.


Black Velvet


Sparkling wine

  • Fill a champagne flute halfway with sparkling wine.
  • Use a spoon to float a chilled stout on top.


Dog’s Ear

½ oz London dry gin

1 pint ale

Drop the shot into the beer.

Hangman’s Blood

1 ¼ oz. each: gin, rum, whiskey, brandy, port

5 oz. stout

4 oz. sparkling wine

  • Put the shots in a pint glass.
  • Add 5 oz. stout
  • Fill to top with sparkling wine


Irish Car Bomb

¼ oz. each Irish whiskey, coffee liqueur

1 pint stout

½ oz. Irish cream

  • In a shot glass, use a spoon to float the whiskey on top of the cream.
  • Fill a pint glass halfway with stout.
  • Drop the shot glass into the pint glass and quickly drink.

There are plenty of beer cocktails but these are the tastiest out there and a good place to start.

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