This Week’s Recipe: Wine Spritzers

I don’t know about where you are but it is HOT in southern Vermont right now and the needle is anticipated to hit 88° tomorrow. Add to that the fact that our A/C stopped working last week and they can’t fix it until next week and you’ll understand why I’m going quick and dirty and refreshing this week. Here’s the base recipe for the perfect wine spritzer, which is light and refreshing any time of year. Following the recipe find some suggestions for making yours particularly memorable.

The Perfect Wine Spritzer Recipe

3 parts wine
1 part seltzer

Pour the seltzer in a glass and then add the wine. Garnish as you please.Learn how to make one of the easiest cocktails there is with this wine spritzer recipe.

Tricks To Make Your Spritzers Stick Out

  • Keep the wine and soda very, very cold and make them right before serving.
  • Never, ever use tonic water.
  • For white wine spritzers consider ginger beer as a fun way to change things up.
  • With crisp white wines fresca or other grapefruit sodas work well.
  • If you have leftover fruit in the house, toss it in. This works especially well with berries and citrus.
  • Deepen the flavors by adding peach schnapps or a flavored liqueur.
  • Have a little fun by adding a popsicle to your wine.

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