Shakin’ It Up

No, this is not a recipe for wine milkshakes although now that the idea is in my head I’ll probably go down that rabbit hole. I’m changing up my posting schedule a bit (and adding a few things!).

New Post Schedule

I’m going to continue posting my “Week in a Glass” drinks and tasting notes but these will now publish on Wednesdays. These posts are a look back on the last week and include tasting and pairing notes. I’m going to start adding exceptional food recipes to these notes.

There will now be two posts on Thursdays. On Thursday I post a recipe, usually for a cocktail. I love these, especially because you know I love creating new Sangria recipes. Moving forward there will be an additional Thursday post for a mead, wine, or cider. None of the recipes will overlap with those in my book and will be more advanced than the quick brew recipes in there.

Tip Tuesday and Ethical Homebrew Hacks (Wednesdays) will remain as currently posted.

On Fridays I’ll share a review of a product, app or website. These posts may include exclusive coupon codes or giveaways so be sure to check them out. Giveaways will be limited, for now, to residents of the U.S. Stay up to date on these by following #oethical_goodies on Instagram and Twitter. The first of these giveaways starts FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13.

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