Mead is to homebrewing what bikes are to transportation.

Ethical Homebrew Hack: Which Booze Is The Best For The Earth?

From a purely environmental standpoint, mead is the most green alcoholic beverage you can brew at home. Here’s why.Mead: The Most Ethical Bev To Brew At Home

Mead: The Most Ethical Of Home Brews

I was at a party the other night. A few people asked about my book and then picked my brain. “Of all the booze you can brew at home, which is the most ethical?” That was the number one question. And it’s a good one. It took some thinking about but I’m confident that mead is the most ethical.

Mead Uses Accessible Ingredients

One of the things that’s great about mead is that you can make it anywhere. In urban spaces, people raise bees. Brooklyn’s gigantic Greenwood cemetery is even home to hives! Unless you’re living on Antarctica, there are bees near you. All you need to make mead is honey, water and yeast.

  • Local honey can be found at your farmer’s market or just ask around on community forums or at work. Someone’s got bees or knows someone who does. Consider using ethical honey.
  • You’ve got water!
  • You can pick up yeast at your local homebrew or even beer shop. And this Thursday I’m going to teach you how to harvest your own wild yeast.

The accessibility of these ingredients means you leave very little footprint gathering what you need.

Mead Is A Low Water Use Project

Unlike beer, mead doesn’t require a boil so you’re not dealing with a massive waste of wort chiller water. That is the reason beer will never make my list of eco-friendly homebrews.

While cleaning/sanitizing equipment requires water, you can use boiled rainwater for this. Also, keep a pitcher handy for when you have run water to get it hot. Don’t let the wrong temp water just go down the drain!

Little To No Container Waste

You can use raisins instead of yeast nutrient and energizer which means no extra plastic bottles to put in a landfill. Even the most ethical herbal winemaker is faced with packaging issues because of the chemicals required by the process.

At the end of the day, mead is the most waste-minimal, natural, ethical brew you can make at home.

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