Drink *half* a Coke. Make it a Kalimotxo!

This Week’s Recipe: Kalimotxo

What’s Your ‘Motxo?

The other day a colleague and I got on the topic of Kalimotxo. If you’ve never heard of it, Kalimotxo is a popular red wine cocktail amongst Basques. It’s simple to make. First pour out half a can of Coke, then replace it with red wine.Drink *half* a Coke. Make it a Kalimoxto!

Below you’ll find the ideal Kalimotxo based on the state you call home.


Grapimoxto will soon take over The Heart of Dixie. It doesn’t have caffeine so you can drink it all night long. Just dump half that purple fizzy drink and replace it with one of the delicious offerings from White Oak Vineyards, like their Norton.


Pepdenmotxo is where it’s at in The New Frontier. Make it by dumping half your Pepsi (Pepsi has a bottling facility in Alaska) and replacing it with Zinfandel from Denali Winery. Denali gets grapes shipped from all over the world and turns them into wine. You can make this even sweeter by replace the Zin with Port but your dentist will not be pleased.


Residents of The Copper State love their Cactus Cooler. And while Roan Red is a great choice when buying a bottle from Pillsbury, the 2014 Chenin Blanc is the wine for your Coppermotxo.


There’s nothing natural about Grapette, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink it in The Natural State (um, that’s Arkansas’ nickname, I’m not promoting you walk around naked drinking this). The soda, now put out by Sam’s Club, is 1/2 of a Gredelweiss. Just replace the dumped blue juice with Edelweiss from Weiderkehr Wines, a Swiss run producer in Arkansas. What’s it called? A Nachomotxo!


A&W and The Golden State go hand in hand but don’t reach for the root beer. Instead, grab a cream soda, dump half and replace with some 2016 Viognier from Sunstone Winery. This one’s so good I’ve baptized it the Oh Voy Motxo.


The Centennial State will soon be raving about the Izzmotxo. Pour out half of a grapefruit Izze and replace it with Riesling from Plum Creek. The grapes are picked by hand. Fancy.


Next summer, Connecticuties are going to be sipping one thing and one thing only on daddy’s yacht: Berrymotxo. Replace half of a Foxton Park Seltzer with the award winning Dry Summer Rosé from Sharpe Hill. This gorgeous spritzer is seriously worth checking out and a gorgeous color to boot. Connecticut is apparently called The Land Of Steady Habits. Make the Berrymotxo yours.


This ‘Motxo ain’ no small wonder. Take half an Old Dominion Root Beer and match it with a red from Nassau Valley to enjoy the official cocktail of Delaware: The Firstmotxo.


Apparently y’all like your Big Gulps so let’s make a Sevosmotxo! Fill that Big Gulp cup halfway with Coke and then switch to Florida Red (dry) from Monticello Vineyards to complete the new official cocktail of The Sunshine State. P.s. If you’re into wine sans cola, be sure to check out their Magnolia – a favorite among wine writers everywhere.


The Peach State doesn’t have peach soda as its favorite. Nope! Georgians love Coca-Cola. So make a Empimotxo with Coke (the way the Basques intended for it) and the Cabernet Franc from Tiger Mountain Vineyard.

Wine lovers, the pricey Petit Manseng is making waves so grab a bottle of that too, but drink it like you would another white – don’t mix it.


POGmotx offers even more of a twist on the ‘Motxo staple because the base drink, Pass-O-Guava nectar, isn’t carbonated. This ‘Motxo is still bubbly because the nectar is mixed with Hula o Maui, a sparkling pineapple wine with notes of bubblegum from MauiWine. Aloha!


The Gem State is known for Iron Port, a spicy, rootbeery cola. Match it with some Hells Canyon Syrah to enjoy a Diablomotxo.


The Prairie state may sound dull but its drinks are anything but. Dump out half of that Green River and pour in a nice bold red from Pheasant Hollow for a spicy Lymotxo.


Who’s here? The Naughtymotxo! Dump half of that Triple XXX and replace it with the 2016 Chambourcin from Mallow Run. Spicy goodness perfect for fall.


The Hawkeye State is home to Sioux City Sarsaparilla. It’s not root beer, but a delicious blend of mint, licorice, cola goodness. Mix it in equal parts with some Behind The Shed Red from Jasper Winery and you’ve got Iowans new fav, the Shedmotxo!


Kansans know that it doesn’t get any better than Lost Trail Root Beer. The soda has been made in Kansas since the frontier days. Wait, it does get better. Make a Cockadoodlemotxo by adding Peckerhead Red from Grace Hill Winery.


Get lucky in Kentucky! Just dump half that Ale-8-One and replace it with Barrel Aged Blackberry from Wight-Meyer Vineyards and you’ve got Jim, James, Paul & Tyrone’s new favorite drink, the Okonokomotxo.***


Time for a Punchymotxo. Dump half of that Delaware Punch, Louisiana’s fruit punch (which is heavy on grape) soda and add Le Trolley from Pontchartrain Vineyards. You’ll be singin’ like Judy in no time when you “chug chug chug like the motor.”


Mainers love Moxie, the bitter bubblegum tasting cola that originated in Massachusetts. It’s even the state’s official soft drink. Pour out half and replace it with Black Smiths Winery Syrah and you’ve got a Moximotxo.


Grab your Shasta ginger ale and add Albarino from Black Angle Vineyards. That’s all it takes to draw a line in the sand. One that lets the rest of us know that Little America’s new fav cocktail is the Shalbamotxo.


Bay Staters can’t get enough Polar, which doesn’t just make seltzer. Nope, they make more flavors of soda and seltzer than you can shake a stick at. Independent and Worchester-based the drink is beloved by those in and around Mass. Make a Wikkedmotxo by replacing half a diet double fudge with Cab Franc Reserve from Running Brook.


From the mitten? Try the Faycamotxo. Just dump half your Red Pop and replace it with cava.Michiganders love their Rep Pop. Make it really pop with some cava.

Not a red pop fan? Dump half that can of Vernor’s and replace it with Moscato or Sauvignon Blanc. That’s right, Michigan gets two ‘Motxos. That’s because I lived there and know that Michigan takes its rivalries seriously. I don’t want to piss anyone off. So, uh… Go, BLUE! (And Sparty on!).


Know what I could gopher? A Minisodamotxo! Pour out half that Sun Drop and replace it with Frontenac Blanc from Saint Croix Vineyards and you’ll never want to leave The North Star State.


Since 1897, residents of The Hospitality State have been enjoying Barq’s Root Beer. But forget the scoop of vanilla ice cream the next time you’re enjoying the bite. Instead, pour in Dry Noble from Old South Winery – that’s how you make a OneMissimotxo.


Missourians want to show you how they ‘Motxo. Match half that bottle of IBC root beer with Chardonel from Augusta Winery to make a Mizzeruhmotxo.


The Treasure State is home to the Cherrymotxo. Enjoy the sour cherry flavors of Flathead Lake Soda with Monster Red from Mission Mountain Wines.


Kool-aid is the official soft drink of The Cornhusker State and the first still ‘Motxo on our list. Still waters run deep, though, especially when you mix up raspberry Koolaid (the inventor’s favorite of his six original flavors) with Irish Jig, a light white wine from Mac’s Creek. The history of Kool-aid is fascinating so the name gives a nod to the inventor: Perkimotxo.


Nevada is home to the highly caffeinated Xyience, an energy drink. Make a Sagemotxo* in honor of the Sagebrush State by combining Tangerine Xyience with Riesling from Churchill Vineyards.


Is it a mountain? Maybe. It’s definitely a soda brand. Grab your Squamscot Yup or Half and Half and mix in an equal amount of dry white from Candia Vineyards****. Yup is lemon only while Half and Half is tempered with grapefruit making the Puckermotxo a Granite State citrus lover’s cocktail.

New Jersey

The Gardenmotxo blends Strawberry wine from Natali Vineyards with Boylan’s black cherry soda. A delicious berry concoction!

New Mexico

You’ll be enchanted when you go pretty close to the original by mixing zero sugar cola from Blue Sky with any of the amazing sparkling wines from Gruet. The producer specializes in sparkling wines made using the Champenoise method. Which wine will be half of your Champaymotxo?

New York

As a kid growing up on Long Island I loved a Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry soda. As an adult I switched to the diet version. Mix either with Bedell Cellars First Crush White and let your Long Island accent shine through when you say you’re having a Lawnguymotxo. Masticate the hell outta those vowels, kids!


Y’all like your Cheerwine in The Tar Heel State, so make a Cheerrimotxo by blending Cheerwine with the Sour Cherry Cider from McRitchie.

North Dakota

No one has data on North Dakota’s favorite soda, but apparently their state drink is milk. Allow me to introduce the Mysterymotxo, The Official Kalimotxo Of The Roughrider State.** Half cream soda, half Cread. What’s Cread? A cranberry mead from Pointe of View Winery!


First and foremost: GO, BLUE! Now that that’s out of the way, Ohio is home to Persimmon wine from Vermillion Valley Vineyards. Make a Buckeyemotxo with equal parts Cherikee Red and Persimmon wine.


What do you get when you mix Dublin Dr. Pepper with Staghorn Red from Nuyaka Creek? A Soonamotxo. Dublin Dr. Pepper is made with cane sugar and found at soda fountains around The Sooner State. Staghorn Red has plum notes that pair perfectly with the deliciousness that is Dr. Pepper.


You’ve probably never heard of this ‘Motxo, but Portandians drank the Polybimotxo before it was popular. Pour half of that Thomas Kemper Dark Cherry Soda into a mason jar and refill with some 2015 Provocateur WV Pinot Noir.


It’s time to enjoy a Philamotxo! Pennsylvania’s take on Kalimotxo combines Pineapple A-Treat with Viognier from Crossing Vineyards & Winery.

Rhode Island

The Ocean State doesn’t just have crisp, salty breezes. It’s also home of the Fizzimotxo. One part Yacht Club Peach Seltzer and one part Greenvale Vidal Blanc is all you need to enjoy your time on the water.

South Carolina

The Palmetto state likes it hot. That’s why Blenheim Ginger Ale #5 (hot!) is a favorite soda. Combine that kick with Viognier or White Merlot from Victoria Valley Vineyards***** and you’ve got a Spicymotxo, y’all.

South Dakota

Like Mt. Rushmore the Chuckamotxo is an original. Pay homage with a standard ‘Motxo: Coke and Chuckleberry from Prairie Berry Winery.


The Bigamotxo is a sweet, heavy ‘Motxo that will fuel your night. Pour out half of that can of RC and replace it with KB 814 from Arrington Vineyards.


Just what the doctor ordered, a Doctamotxo. Texans love their Dr. Pepper so split it with a friend and top each glass off with Meritus, a Cabernet Merlot blend from Fall Creek Vineyards.


Utah’s large Mormon population can’t enjoy caffeine or alcohol but their favorite soda is Sprite and I don’t want them to feel left out. Enjoy a half can of Sprite and call it a Notamotxo. For those who like to imbibe, make a Hivemotxo by replacing half of a can of Sprite with Castle Creek Winery Chenin Blanc.


You guessed it, we’re very proud of our maple syrup here in The Green Mountain State. Pour out half of your Sweetwater Maple Soda and replace it with Shelburne Vineyard’s Louise Swenson Dry White. And, of course, it’s called the Maplemotxo.


Like North Carolinians, Virginians love Cheerwine. Match that cherry goodness with Cabernet Franc from Jefferson Vineyards for a Presimotxo.


Bacon soda. That’s right, let’s get to the important stuff. Washintonians love Jones Soda and Jones Soda comes in Bacon. Have a Six Degrees of ‘Motxo by splitting that bacon fizz in half and matching each with an equal amount of the 2014 Sequel Syrah from Long Shadows. This wine is brilliant, so be sure to enjoy most of it the right way.

West Virginia

Congrats, Mountain State, you presented the most difficult challenge. You seem to enjoy Mountain Dew. This required a lot more research than the other drinks. Here’s proof!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 1.38.30 PM

When you’re ready to DoTheMotxo just replace half of your glowing bevvy with some Forks Cheat Cabernet and uh, enjoy? I can’t be held responsible for this one!


Cheeseheads love their Sprecher root beer and, lucky for them it pairs perfectly with Botham Vineyards’ Big Red, a bold red that captures the sass of Wisconsinites perfectly. The Huddlemotxo will be a huge hit at your next tailgate.


When I hear “Jackson Hole” I think of the iconic diner where we ended up after far too much to drink many, many times while living in New York City. Cowboy State residents and skiers know better. But those who know best of all? Lovers of the many interesting flavors of Jackson Hole Soda. It was tough to decide but at the end of the day the Yeehawmotxo is equal parts Strawberry Rhubarb Soda and S.O.B. from Table Mountain Vineyards. The wine is a semi-sweet raspberry wine.

What’s Your Favorite Kalimotxo Recipe?

Thanks to Thrillist for doing my homework for me on the soda front and Pure Wow for compiling wines from each state. Let me know in the comments and on social: how do you ‘Motxo??

Special thanks to MT for getting us on the topic of Kalimotxo.

*Or don’t. Energy drinks are scary.
** Not really.
*** My Morning Jacket is one of many things that comes from KY that I love. If you haven’t checked these guys out yet do it!
**** This site is currently infected so no link!
***** This site is down at the time of this writing.

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