Week In A Glass 10/25 Edition

Kris and I headed to the Hudson Valley to check out Sloop Brewing. We saw the sign the day we discovered nearby Suarez Family Brewing and put it on the list. The space is great and offers several beers on tap, mostly IPAs. Here’s some pictures and tasting notes.

Farm To Pint

Sloop BrewingSloop is located off some rambling country roads. The property has several “u pick” options including apples and flowers. The main building has the brewery, tasting room, access to the outdoor patio and items for sale. You can buy items to eat on site, like local cheeses and meats. Delicious sweet and savory baked goods are available, too. They also have gorgeous flower arrangements for sale.

U Pick Flowers & Flower Arrangements at Sloop Brewing

When we entered on a Friday around 1:30 pm there was a steady stream of people getting their cans for the weekend. Clearly locals love that they can come in and pick up cans. The available can was Down Under Bomb. Sloop also does growler fills.

Sloop Brewing Tasting Notes

We started with a sampler of everything except the guest brew. Pictured, from left to right

Juice Bomb IPA, Doubleplusgood MM (DIPA), Doubleplusgood HM (DIPA), Sauer Peach (Sour), Segal Bomb (IPA), Down Under Bomb (IPA), Confliction (Dry Hopped Sour).

A few notes before starting. First, enough with the IPAs! Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favorite styles but the IPA is a known palate killer. 5 of them on tap at once is too much. I get it, I get it. Hops are good. IPAs are popular. But tap rooms please take note: we want¬†variety when we drive hours to check you out. Two sours and a guest tap sour is not enough diversity.

Second, I warn those visiting that there is a fruit fly problem at Sloop. And, while I usually try to keep my negative comments to myself, it would be unfair of me to do so. I had to pick fruit flies out of my samples multiple time. Gross. Fruit flies happen, I get it, but there needs to be a cleanup to stop this because they were aggressive and climbing all over our glasses which was, quite frankly, disgusting.

Fruit flies are attracted to food and when they find it they lay their eggs, as many as 500 at a time, leading to quick infestations. They hang out by discarded food, wet counters with food waste, drains that are not properly cleaned, ripe fruit and other ingredients. Cleaning up a kitchen daily will keep them at bay. This is why we don’t all have them in droves in our homes. They can be gotten rid of easily, and wiping up keeps them from coming back.

Juice Bomb IPA

Sloop lists this IPA as hazy, golden and unfiltered which is a great description. It is smooth, well balanced and not overly bitter. Perfect for sipping or pairing with spicy food it’s not a huge palate killer. I’d definitely recommend it to someone who hasn’t had many IPAs and is interested in learning more about the style. I gave it a 3.5/5 but only because I like a little more zing in my IPAs. 6.5% ABV

Doubleplusgood Mandarina Barvaria+Mosaic

I did not like this one. Not at all. My notes simply read: Blech! Blergh! Bah! I loved the description of this one but the delivery did not work for me. At all. That said, it is described as fruit-forward and dank-fruity so if that is your think I recommend you try it. We all have different tastes and I would not say this is a flawed beer at all. Just one that I did not like. 2/5 for me. 8% ABV

DPG Huel Melon+Citra+El Dorado

I much preferred this beer from the DPG series. They say big melon in the tasting notes but I hate melon and liked this beer. I didn’t really get melon. Definitely tropical. Kind of round but also crisp – the complexity was really nice. I really appreciated the feel of this beer in addition to the taste. 3.25/5.¬†8% ABV.

Saur Peach

I loved this one. The sweet and sour combo is perfect. If they’d had it in cans I would have gotten some. Sour, yes, but balanced with actual peaches. Imagine sour peach slices candy but better. It’s exceptional. Nicely balanced, great mouthfeel and finish. 4.25/5

Segal Bomb

This baby is brewed with Segal Hop Ranch High-Oil Cascades only. Herbaceous in a good way with some citrus peel. You can taste the hops, which I love. It’s like chewing on resiny hops at the hop farm. The flavor was incredible. 4/5. 6.5% ABV.

Down Under Bomb

I gave this a 3.5/5 but that was pretty arbitrary. This beer was weird. But not bad. Juicy apple notes? Some vinyl? I couldn’t really figure out what I was tasting. Nice crispness but lots of mystery flavors. The brewery provided tasting notes say stone fruit and Big League Chew. Sure, if you say so. Definitely one to try. 6.5% ABV.


This beer won the 2016 World Beer Cup Gold Medal for American Sour Style. The nose is some pretty ugly funk but that leads way to a great flavor and finish. There is a woody quality that works well. It’s a dry-hopped sour so there is a lot going on and it clearly works. 4/5. 4.8% ABV

Kris got a pint of Confliction but I worked on the sampler. We stayed for a round of Pandemic and really enjoyed the space, minus the fruit flies.Pandemic, our best-traveled board game.


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