These stainless steel reusable drinking straws don't suck.

Ethical Product: U Konserve Stainless Steel Straws & Straw Brush

U Konserve sells eco-friendly food storage. The company was created, and is led, by two women who are making it easy to reduce waste and use less plastic. They give 1% to the planet and their products promote and are produced sustainably. I have several U Konserve products in my home, that I use daily, so this is the first of several posts that will review them so that I can highlight those that have revolutionized my brewing – that’s right these products play an important role in greener home brewing.

Why Reusable Drinking Straws?

Drinking straws are an abomination. They are in landfills and our oceans and it’s not just the straws that are bad but the fact that the restaurant industry also loves to order the ones that are also wrapped in paper or plastic, adding to the waste. Add to this the fact that they are completely unnecessary and you’ll understand my frustration.

Why do we use drinking straws? One reason is because of the huge amount of ice we put in our drinks. Ice is wasteful on its own but restaurants get water for free and the more ice, the less product in your glass. I’m starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist. So let me just move along.U Konserve reusable drinking straw and cleaning brush.

Why Do I Use Straws?

Despite my obvious hatred of plastic straws, I do often prefer drinking beverages with a straw. My teeth have always been sensitive. Currently this is even more of an issue thanks to being in the process of straightening them. A straw keeps cold drinks off my teeth. My favorite beverage temperature is “almost frozen”.

In addition to drinking things cold, I drink a smoothie every morning. Smoothies are not sip-friendly. Like milkshakes, you either get nothing or the entirety of the smoothie comes flying at your face when you finally bang the bottom of the glass enough times to get some movement.I drink my smoothie right out of the blending cup with a stainless steel straw.

Finally, I struggle with hydration. For some reason, I find that I drink more water if I use a straw. When I start working each day I pour a pint glass of water that I keep on my desk. The days it’s no problem for me to hit my minimum 64 ounces? The days I use a straw. But I don’t use a plastic straw. I use these U Konserve reusable stainless steel drinking straws.


U Konserve has an easy to use, gorgeous website. The company displays products and has them nicely categorized so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. There is a significant sale section perfect for those who want to try out the brand. U Konserve is committed to its impact and the site contains tons of information about their philosophy and products.

Orders over $50 get free shipping.


Thanks to their secure, ecommerce site I had no worries about entering my credit card information. Product copy is descriptive and helpful and the pictures show the products well.

How Do They Look?

The straws look exactly as they do on the site. They are packaged minimally and easy to open. One of the first things I noticed, and was pleased was exactly as advertised, were the rounded ends. Many stainless straws are cut in the same fashion as their plastic counterparts which is incredibly uncomfortable, especially if they rub against the roof of your mouth. The rounded edges is far safer and more comfortable and also gives them a nice look.

I love stainless, it’s perfect at fitting into almost any style home. Aesthetics are important to many people and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m one of them. Our home is a loft in a converted factory. We have the original floors, exterior walls, and molding from 1857. Our furniture is mid-century and we’re minimalists. Thus the straws fit perfectly with this vibe. They’d also look awesome in a more industrial setting but just as good in a cottage or country leaning home.

The cleaning brush looked super sturdy and I appreciated the amount of bristles. It makes it easy to push them all the way through the straw and out the other end so you’re sure you never miss a spot when cleaning.

How Do The Work?

We’re talking about drinking straws here so I’m not going to go on for paragraphs. They do an excellent job.


These U Konserve reusable stainless steel drinking straws get five colorful drinking straws out of five. straws-2517344_1920But only virtually since I’m off plastic straws. You should be, too! When you’re ready to ditch your straw habit I cannot recommend these enough. They’re perfect for daily use, easily fit into a work bag, purse or laptop case so you can easily bring them with you and the design plus brush means these will last you a long time without fear of mold or odor from bacteria. Just rinse and then use the brush after every use!

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