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The 10th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference

Next Thursday kicks off the Wine Bloggers Conference. I attended WBC 2015 in the Finger Lakes wine region of New York State. After missing a year I’m excited attend again. I’m especially excited because this year I am representing myself. The last (and first) time I attended I was representing a blog I freelanced for.

What Is The Wine Bloggers Conference?

WBC is held every year in a different American wine region. The conference includes pre- and post-excursions, wine dinners, guest speakers and educational sections. But the best part, and the part you should know about, is the live wine blogging.

Remember speed dating? If you don’t, it was a brilliant idea. Women sat on one side of two person tables. Men took a seat and they chatted for a few minutes. At the sound of the bell, the men would stand and cycle through to the next table. Each participant had a sheet with the first names of everyone they would meet and a simply question to answer. Interested? Each participant circles “yes” or “no”. Two interested participants receive each others’ contact info.

What’s that have to do with WBC?

Please Join Me

During the Wine Bloggers Conference there are two live blogging sessions. On Friday, November 10 from 4:30-5:30 pm PST producers will “speed date” wine bloggers showing off their white and rosé wines. I’ll sit at a table with other wine bloggers and producers will bring over bottles for us to taste. Between tastes, we’ll be live blogging our notes. The following day, from 5-6 pm PST, we’ll do the same with red wine.

Bloggers choose the platform of their choice. The first year I used Twitter as my platform of choice. But with the growth of social media, I’m not sure what to do this year. Rather than make a decision, I’m asking you to  decide! On the right hand side of every page of my site you should see a poll. Just select and submit your answer. The poll closes on Wednesday, November 8, the night before I fly to Santa Rosa and will give me a chance to announce where you can find me live blogging tastings.

Live Blogging & Beyond

You can follow all the news from the Wine Bloggers Conference at #WBC2017. My posts will all be tagged with #OethicalWBC2017 – I hope you’ll follow along. After the conference I’ll be spending a few days in Sacramento enjoying the local beer using the same hashtag.


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