Homebrewing Recipe: Cranberry Mead

In a perfect world, Kris and I would have brewed something for Thanksgiving but I didn’t think of it until about 26 hours ago so it’ll have to wait for next year. We’ll have wine and a pitcher drink or two on hand but next year? We might just serve up some cranberry mead. This one gallon cranberry mead recipe is from Home Brew Forums. I’ve made a few changes on the process side.


Cranberry Mead Recipe

This is a simple cranberry mead that uses beer yeast. It ferments clean with a sweet medium cranberry flavor. It’s an early drinker being ready in about 10 months. Try it out, its simple, scalable, not tart, and very drinkable early.

3 lbs local honey
1 lb Dehydrated cranberries (like Craisins)
Wyeast 1450
Yeast nutrient & energizer (optional)

Use funnel to pour honey into carboy.
Heat 1/3 gallon water to warm, but not boiling.
Pour warm water through the funnel immediately after.
Shake like crazy. You want the honey to be completely dissolved.
Add cranberries, yeast nutrient and energizer.
Top with cool water to get mixture to about 65° but leave some room.
Add yeast, top with stopper and airlock and store in a cool, dark place with stable temperature.

Allow primary fermentation for 2 months.

Rack to secondary leaving cranberries and yeast sediment behind. Top off with water and age for an additional 7 months. Bottle (carbonating if you wish) and then enjoy!

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