plan out what you'll wear before packing for wine country

Attack The Pack: Packing For Wine Country

I’m off to California Thursday morning which means I’m in the midst of packing. Because I’m traveling for the Wine Bloggers Conference I have to bring a certain amount of tech. I also need clothes. But the most important question when packing for wine country? How do I bring back as much alcohol as possible?How to get these babies home? Tips on packing for wine country.

This trip is split in two. From Thursday afternoon through late Saturday evening I’ll be enjoying wine country with fellow wine bloggers. We’ll be learning, tasting, and exploring. Sunday morning I’ll check out of my Airbnb and drive to Sacramento to return the car. Then I’m heading to a colleague’s to work, bike, and explore the local beer scene. Something I didn’t get to do enough of the last time I was in Sacramento. Here’s how I attacked my pack so that I can bring home beer and wine.

How To Pack For Wine Country

First, let’s go through what you need:

  1. A suitcase that is within the carry on size limits.
  2. A large carry on duffel or other bag.
  3. Your personal item (bag).

How To Organize & Pack | Going

Make a list based on your itinerary. Map out what you’re doing when and what you want to wear. Try to stick to one outfit per day. You can change this up by layering and swapping out jewelry to dress things up/down.

Roll items and pack them into the suitcase. Rolling cuts down on how much space you’re using and helps prevent wrinkles.

Roll up your carryon bag and pack it with your clothes. Sounds crazy, but trust me.

Use your personal bag for things you want on the plane. Especially if you’re traveling from a tiny airport (like I do), you might get stuck having to gate check your bag. Pack the things you definitely need in your personal bag. I’ll be working on my flights Tuesday and I have a layover so I’ll pack a fully charged laptop and a change of clothes/underwear. Why the change of clothes? A layover means that gate-checked bag could get on the wrong plane – so be prepared! Medication should also go in your personal bag.

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How To Organize & Pack | Coming Home

Pack your alcohol in your suitcase using clothing to cushion it. Chances are you won’t be able to fit all of your clothes and booze in your bag, but feel free to stuff it tight. You don’t want your bottles clicking. Check this bag at the airport for the trip home.

Pack the carry on bag with your excess stuff. Carry this bag on the plane with any extra clothing and other items.

Use your personal item the same way you did flying out.

Packing Tips

If you are staying at a hotel, minimize your toiletries. If you’re not staying at a hotel, condense your toiletries as much as possible. It’s quickest and easiest to pack these in your checked bag.

Consider solid shampoo/conditioner. Not only is it a greener choice but you’ll reduce the risk of spills with solid hair products.

Plan your makeup. Pack one versatile eyeshadow palette and use your lipstick as blush to cut down on how much excess stuff you want: you want as much space as possible for booze.

Think about the size of your clothes. I bring a raincoat any time I travel. In addition I like to pack dresses because they take up less space and I have lots of wrinkle-resistant ones.

One Pair Challenge. I challenge you to find one pair of shoes that will serve multiple purposes. This is always the most difficult part of traveling for me but my two toned vintage blue bowling shoes do the trick.

Suggestions & Recommendations

Got a beer I need to try in Sac? What about a restaurant in Santa Rosa? Hit me up in the comments or on social with any must do’s and I’ll try to get there!

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