2016 Comte de Langeron Beaujolais Villages

Tasting Notes From 17 November, 2017

My tasting notes use the WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine

2016 Comte de Langeron
Beaujolais Villages
100% Gamay

WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine


Clarity: Clear
Intensity: Deep (but if there is a deep minus or medium plus, I’d go with that)
Color: Ruby


Condition: Clean
Intensity: Medium
Aroma characteristics:┬áThe first thing I got were wet rose petals and something else that I can only describe as baby powder. The combination was a little earthy… like wet dark dirt you’d find hiking in the woods in the morning. For fruit I got cherry, plum and possibly raspberry. The fruit struck me as ripe and sweet. I thought there might be some vanilla signifying oak aging but it wasn’t pronounced.


Sweetness: Dry to off-dry
Acidity: Medium
Tannin: Medium
Body: Medium
Flavour Characteristics: Some cherry, prune and maybe a little vanilla/spice.
Finish: Medium


Quality: Good

Other Notes

We drank this in the evening. The wine was probably a little too chilly – maybe 55-58┬░. I took it out of the wine fridge and allowed the bottle to warm up, unopened, on the counter. After opening I popped the aerator onto the top of the bottle to get it as open as possible.

The wine was part of this month’s French Harvest box from Wine Awesomeness. I only recently heard of this club and decided to put Winc on hold for a month to take advantage of the intro offer. Six bottles of French wine (3 red, 3 white) arrived a few days ago.

In addition to our tasting mats we also used the WSET Global app to track our notes. I think I’d prefer to use one or the other in the future. My preference, always, is to write. Since my materials showed up from WSET today, including a card with the Level 2 SAT notes, I think we might move to that and maybe even going through it together and then putting the info in the app.

According to Wine Awesomeness, the wine is medium acid, medium light body, medium light tannin, medium fruit. I nailed the acidity but the rest were off. They describe the nose including “ripe red fruit” and the palate with “bright bin cherries and fresh white flowers floating in a Dr. Pepper can” so I’m feeling pretty good about that. Explains the cherry and plum as well as the possible vanilla.

The WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine is definitely accessible and not nearly as daunting as we thought it would be.

Final Thoughts On This Beaujolais

We both liked the wine and are looking forward to finishing the bottle with some takeout tonight. Last night we had it with dinner (tasting while it was in the oven and then cooling down). Dinner was cabbage and onion enchiladas, which was pretty far from the suggested quiche lorraine pairing. The enchiladas were delicious.

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