You know spring has sprung when you see a daffodil..

“Get out the map and lay your Finger Anywhere Down…”

Over recent years I’ve been on the receiving end of one comment more than any others. “Wow. You guys travel a lot.” And it’s true. Kris and I are often on the road. Sometimes with two dogs in tow, other times on our own. You’ll find us on a plane, train, or bike. And no one road trips quite like us. In recent years I’ve started doing a lot of wine travel – mostly on my own. Oddly, though, if you asked people who knew me when I was younger — and even as recently as my twenties (not as recent as I would like) — they’d laugh and say, “Nancy Koziol?! She hates to travel!” But not anymore. I love it! And 2018 appears to be the year of it. [spotifyplaybutton play=”″ view=”list” size=”0″ sizetype=”small” theme=”black”]

2018 Wine Travel

I’m visiting some of my favorite regions this year.

Sud de France

Terroirs et Millésimes 10th Anniversary

I’m headed to France in just a little over 2 weeks. Needless to say, I’m honored and thrilled to be going on my first press trip. First, I’ll explore the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon. We’ll visit Carcassone and Perpignan over a full week of tastings, seminars and master classes, vineyard tours and more. Do you follow me on Instagram? That’s the place to see the most (including stories in real time!) but all of my social will be on fire. Even Twitter. And we all know how much I hate Twitter. Make it simple by following #FrancyNancy on all your fav social platforms. I will be rocking the hashtag starting April 12.

Wine Tasting in Carcassone & Perpignan

Val de Loire Millésime

After Languedoc-Roussillon I’m headed across France to the Loire Valley. Many of my go to bottles come from the Loire Valley so I’m looking forward to the intensive education being provided while in this region.

Treat Yo Self

There’s a special, small event the night before the trip officially kicks off. I was unable to get in but decided to fly a day early anyway. After my overnight I’ll be able to enjoy a little over 24 hours in Toulouse. I found a lovely airbnb near the tram and am looking forward to getting lost in the streets, enjoying museums, music and macarons. Apparently macarons are a big deal in Toulouse.

New York State

You know spring has sprung when you see a daffodil..As soon as I get back from France (literally) I’m off to the Bronx Botanical Gardens with MamaCz & Kris for the Daffodil Celebration and Wine Weekend. Daffodil Hill will be awash with nearly 700,000 daffodils that I cannot wait to photograph. SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND DAFFODILS! In addition to the bloom there will be New York State wine, including those from Brooklyn Oenology – one of my fav producers.

Washington State

The Wine Bloggers Conference heads to Washington State this year. That means I get to cross another state off my list and get to enjoy everything Washington wine brings to the table. Unlike previous years, this year I extended my trip and am really looking forward to the pre-trip excursion to Force Majeure and dinner at Cadaretta.

Other Travel

It’s not just wine on the agenda. I’ve got a few other fun 2018 excursions planned.


In June, Kris and I are headed to Iceland. We rented a camper van and are doing the ring road. We’re very excited to see all of the geography and get in some awesome hikes.

Newport, Rhode Island

After hearing about the Newport Folk Festival for years we decided to check it out last year. We bought a one day pass and spent two nights in Newport, a fav destination of ours. After being at the festival for an hour we knew we’d be back and are really looking forward to being there for the entire festival this year in late July.

New York City

For Christmas 2017 we changed things up. Instead of giving our niece and nephew gift cards we offered to take each of them on a trip to NYC with their significant others. We haven’t done trips like this since the exchange student days so we’re looking forward to things like walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and heading to the Top of the Rock for views. And, of course, we’ll treat each pair to some sort of fun surprise I don’t want to ruin here.

What’s on your travel agenda for 2018?

“. . . we’ll leave the figurin’ to those we pass on our way out of town.”


  1. Hi. I live in Iceland and would love to meet up. Hope you can see my details on the comment and reply 🙂

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