“Sittin’ here with me and mine/All wrapped up in a bottle of wine”

[spotifyplaybutton play=”https://open.spotify.com/track/4XbCNQJOLE0agz7DjiyiVB”/%5DI was provided with free alcohol in return for writing this post.Sometimes, the occasion calls for a good bottle. It might not call for your LBD and stilletos, or for oysters on the half shell. But still, something about it says it’s time to break out a good bottle. In my case, this day was last Sunday. And the bottle was probably the best I’ve ever had. After having been away for a few weeks and making a side trip to NYC on my way back from France, I was finally back home with Kris – the longest we’ve been apart in years was finally over. Why not open that Krug Grand Cuvée 166th Edition?

Mastery in a Bottle: Krug Grand Cuvée 

When approaching a bottle of wine it’s important to know what you’re looking for. If I am pairing with food, I think about certain factors. Wine that is meant to be drunk alone is considered differently. When I want something special, like a bottle to share with my other half to celebrate being back together, it needs to be an exceptional bottle. Obviously Krug is exceptional – but why?

Each bottle of Krug Grand Cuvée is created through meticulous planning and a tapping into generations of knowledge, history and love. It’s no wonder it’s the #1 sparkling wine in US restaurants (Wine & Spirits) usurping Veuve Clicquot and other darlings of the sparkling world.

Let Go: Of Your Need for Vintage

There are good years. That’s undeniable. But what about a wine that is borne of 120 wines spanning a decade or more?  Pinpointing the flavors and textures of their portfolio, Krug is able to craft prestige champagne each year. And it truly is a craft: in addition to the blending, the bottles age another six years in the cellar for perfect drinkability when opened.

Let Go: Of Your Standby Bubbles

We all have our go to, but the release of Krug Grande Cuvee is a reminder that wine is an investment. An exceptional bottle forces us to slow down and truly taste, think and experience. That’s right, it’s an investment in ourselves and our lives.

Let Go: Of Your Routine

We enjoyed the latest Krug release quietly, on a Sunday afternoon that was gray but pretty. There was new vinyl on the turntable and we were in our pajamas (we’d driven back from New York City early and were all about a cozy day locked away from the world and in each others arms). We didn’t cook anything fancy but instead paired the champagne with local artisanal pizza (all ingredients sourced locally) – which may sound like a waste but believe me, good pizza and champagne is one of the best pairings there is. Being alone with it allowed us to taste what happens when twenty years go into crafting a bottle.

Tasting & Pairing Notes

Imagine sitting in a sun drenched orchard on a warmer than normal spring day. The breeze is warm and light, and you’re enjoying a crusty loaf of bread straight from the baker’s oven. You’ve brushed on the slightest bit of local honey and can taste the sweet spiced pastry the bread was sitting next to. Blossom scented with toast, nuts and fruit: the melange is what makes this experience priceless: there are so many flavors to enjoy but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The gourmet pizza we paired with our second glasses had smoked mozzarella, caramelized onions and mushrooms. These earthy flavors and the fat in the dish allow the champagne to shine, it cleans the palate with its crisp acidity and perfect effervescence. The prosciutto’s salt further complemented the wine, bringing out all of the sweeter flavors.

If you’re looking for a fancier pairing foie or duck would stand up beautifully along with Spanish and French cheeses.

Get Your Bottle

The Krug Grand Cuvee 166th Edition should not be missed. Find who carries it in shops and restaurants near you. If you’re a collector consider buying multiple bottles – these will age beautifully.

“Little we can do /We gon’ see it through somehow”

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